12 Awesome Total Fun Drinking Game Ideas

Dine wine and everything fine.

It’s summer and it’s time you’re with your friends and share a lot of memories over drinks and meals. Everyone talks and that’s very boring. How about you play a game or two to cherish all of those memories and do something different?

So here are 12 games you can think of when you’re drinking and in full mood to bring back all those memories:


Drinking Game Ideas

This game is a lot of fun. And this is how it goes.

So, turn by turn, everyone gets to confess that ONE thing they’ve never done/seen/felt/heard in life. And whoever has done that, take a sip of their drink. And whoever hasn’t, just remains dry. And whoever finishes their drink first, is the winner. Well, that’s an add-on. There’s no specific rule to how it ends. You can give it your own ending. But beware, whoever doesn’t drink much, don’t play this game unless forced to. Which you anyways will be. Friends love doing that.

This isn’t for the fainthearted. Also, make sure your drink isn’t that strong because if you get drunk only in one game, who’s going to play the rest of them?


Drinking Game Ideas

This game might be a little slow. but what happens after that is mind-blowing. (I mean every word of it)

So, what happens here is that you choose any game of cards and you keep the alcohol away. Every time you win, the person you win against will have to take a sip from their drink. So if you’re 1 winning against 4, then those 4 will drink. However, if you 1 against 4 winners, you will have to bottom’s up your drink. Oh yes, told you it was mind-blowing.

Caution here, if you aren’t okay with gulping it down in one go, then make sure you replace your drink with something else or less concentration of alcohol. Please don’t puke. It gets ugly.


Drinking Game Ideas

This game is going to be a lot of fun if you had haters in high school or a few teachers you all couldn’t stand. The game is very stupid, but it is fun. You must be thinking that you’re the only one who hated that one teacher or that one person in high school, but there maybe many thinking just like you.

So, everyone gets their chance of naming that one person or teacher who they used to hate in high school. And if some your friends also hate them, then you sip in from your drink and well. If you’re drunk, you’ve had way too many haters.


Drinking Game Ideas

As the name suggests, this game is played by everyone in your group. This defines your friendship and how well you know each other. Everyone gets their chance to ask a question to the person sitting opposite them. If the answer is wrong, you need to take a big sip of your drink. It’s fun, really.


Drinking Game Ideas

There’s a reason why there’s an option in the name. Usually, the game has only one option. Either a truth, or a dare. But, here’s the catch. If in case you wish to give them both the options, you can. And everytime they complete their dare or answer your questions, you and that person takes 2 sips of your drink.

Ps – keep filling your glass. This might take a long time.


Drinking Game Ideas

This is that one basic game everyone loves playing. Also, keep in mind that this game isn’t one that everyone would like to participate in. Please keep in mind that one might also throw up after this. But, its worth the effort.

So, there are (as many as you want) let’s say about 10 vodka shots on the table. 5 for you and 5 for the other person. The game is simple, drink as many as you can in a given time span and you win. Keep someone around to keep checking on the time. Vodka isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you know.


Drinking Game Ideas

Depressed and drinking? Well, this is how you drink then. Don’t drink in excess because you’re aren’t happy. Drink because your friends aren’t happy either.

Take out all your bills, house rent and all those ex lover’s letters and gifts. Look at them and laugh and tell your friends to do the same. What makes you sicker? Bills, letters or house rent? Keep taking a shot after you read all those horrible bills and letters.


Drinking Game Ideas

Again, as the name suggests. Divide yourselves into teams. Sing a song that makes no sense at all, and tell the other team to dance. This can be dance number or even the saddest song ever. But here’s the catch. They can’t repeat the steps and you can’t sing the same song again.

And whoever loses, whiskey.


Drinking Game Ideas

This is one game anyone can play. Drunk or not, you have all the skills in the world to make this game a really fun experience. You can add a little spice to this. If you’re able to guess the movie, everyone sips in from their drink. If you aren’t, then it’s not just one sip. You bottom’s up the entire glass.


Drinking Game Ideas

Everyone gets to drink a little from every kind of drink there is in the house. Your job is to guess what is added to which drink. For example, if there’s apple juice with whiskey, then you’ve to sip it and guess what drink it is. It is the most hilarious game. Because sometimes people don’t even know what they’re drinking. For whatever drink you’re having, if you’re right, you get to have 3 sips of that drink. And if you’re wrong, you get to have that particular drink, which you hate the most, neat.


Drinking Game Ideas

Well, here’s how you’ve to play this. Everyone chooses one particular card. For example, everyone chooses a king. Whoever has the maximum number of kings in their deck of cards, they win. And if its a tie, then again. Shots shots shots between you two.


Drinking Game Ideas

Trust me, there’s nothing better than watching a movie after you’re done playing all of the games above. This is also because it’s very obvious you’ll be too drunk to get up and roam around the house. Put on some nice movie that makes you tickle on your funny bone and reminds you of whatever you and your friends used to do.

Also, make it a point to keep everyone in the house under control. Don’t have alcohol in excess so they start throwing up. Its fun till you are all drinking in limits.

Don’t make another Project X movie.

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