12 Believable Excuses to Miss Work for a Day

Hello dear employee, craving a holiday? And the weekend is nowhere in sight? Want a leave? And your boss is too strict to ask for a leave due to fatigue or for some leisure time and that wouldn’t make him happy? Don’t despair! Try being a trickster, and consider these 12 Believable Excuses to Miss Work:

12.Call in sick

Like age old remedies, this is an age old excuse. Say you are sick, be it bad stomach, vomits, allergies or fever. But keep in mind, don’t sound too sick, for they won’t believe such fast a recovery when you come back after a day’s off. This excuse helps, but its repetitive usage from ages makes the boss doubt the credibility of your sickness. Still, to luck, you will always have a benefit of doubt.

Believable Excuses to Miss Work

11.Weekend at Grandparent’s

Okay, so had a great weekend? The hangover of the rocking parties isn’t even over, but Monday is already here. You desperately need an off. Try this. Tell your boss, you went to visit your grandparents on the weekend for they live alone and needed someone by their side, but you missed your return flight, train or bus. Tell him, you will come ASAP, and greatly repent your absence. Grandparents being a sensitive area, your leave would also be granted ASAP. But, this excuse wouldn’t help, if you partied with your office colleagues. Play safe.

Believable Excuses to Miss Work

10.Stay home for a delivery 

You might possibly just be waiting for the pizza delivery but tell your boss, you have some furniture or some electronics getting delivered at your place and your presence is required for the safe delivery and installation of the same. Such excuses are good to be put at use only once in a company, else the credibility of such excuses would be lost and also, the employer might get a feel of you weighing your household work more and keeping your official work at the back seat.

Believable Excuses to Miss Work


How about a fake accident on the way to office? This way it will turn out that you intended to go to the office, were on your way, but fate played with your dedication to work. Tell the boss about the accident you met with on the way to your work and then be a good story teller and cook up an amazing story he would easily buy. You could explain him how badly your car was damaged and tell him that it needed immediate repair, or about the injury of the person you hit and the urgency of taking him to the hospital. Your boss will understand that nothing is more important than fixing your personal car, or dealing with the cops for an FIR has been registered against you or to help the guy you hit, for you can’t hit and run and make Bajrangi Bhaijaan .

Believable Excuses to Miss Work

8.Death of an imaginary relative

Kill to live. The sudden death of an imaginary distant relative or an already dead relative helps a lot when you are desperate for an entire day by your bed and can’t bear a day at the office desk. Employees find it most convenient to lie about any relative’s sad demise to grab a day off along with some sympathy. Now, since death is inevitable and equally unexpected, so an off even on the day of an important meeting would be granted without much hustle. But watch out people; be careful with the selection of the relatives you would be killing. Such excuses, even if said in good intention, can bring you bad luck.

P.S: Make sure you never mention the demise of a same relative twice

Believable Excuses to Miss Work

7.Festival/ Religious Event

No one can question you when it involves God or any of your religious beliefs. So any important puja at home, or in neighborhood which you usually used to skip, can now come to your rescue. Tell your boss, how important it is for you and for the prosperity of your career. Try to get your boss some “Prasad” the next day, so that he believes all excuses aren’t just excuses and his faith in humanity (employees) will get restored, eventually.


Believable Excuses to Miss Work

6.Sick wife / child

Early morning laziness is nothing to worry about, if you are married. And if you have a child, then you are the blessed lot, for no boss would force you to come to work when your little girl is sick and needs her daddy by her side. Mention your child is sick at school and your wife is out of station.

Believable Excuses to Miss Work



OH NO! WHAT A MESS! But wait, every cloud has a silver lining. Here it is a gold lining, tell your boss you have cramps and you can’t work because it is that serious an issue and you are all wasted because it’s your second day. Yes it can be really embarrassing to discuss your monthly cycle with your boss, but it is okay, it is a natural process. Some courage for a day off is always worth it. Wait, make sure you don’t get drained out when you are actually bleeding and dear men, this isn’t for you. Women have an edge here.


4.Doctor’s Appointment

Not all doctors are always available, and especially if you are a working, your doctor happens to be a busy one and would only meet if you take a day’s off and have a prior appointment. Tell your boss, how busy and renowned doctor yours is and you can’t skip it. Also, recommend the doctor to your boss the next time you see him with the slightest level of sickness, paving way for such future appointment day offs.


3.Take it as an incentive

Have some plans for next Friday? Is your old friend coming back from abroad on a weekday? When you know well in advance about an off you would be needing, how about planning it already? Working extra hours for a week or two, coming in early, going out late, all this would show your dedication and when you would mention about your prior commitments and the need for a leave, there won’t be any double questioning. So, leave a mark when you work, such that no one could ever say no to any of your considerable demands and leave should be granted at your convenience as your hallmark this way would be honesty and dedication.



2.Pregnancy announced

Your wife just announced she is pregnant, calls for some time together even if she asked for no such thing and would rather prefer a day all by herself and the thought of being a mommy soon. Tell your boss how happy you are and how desperately your wife needs you by her side at least for today. And as for your wife, pregnancy will make her moody, if not now, what if she needs your presence in the other half of the day. So play safe, call it a day already. Start the new phase of your life at home all relaxed and away from the struggles of life.

paternity leave

1.Parents need Help

The two people who spent all they had, their time and money on you, can ask for whatever they need, be it just your presence, or you to accompany them to their doctor or just a day out with them and for the off, all you need to do is mention your parents’ involvement and you will be given an off without any hesitation. But mind you, there is a limit to everything. So, don’t cross the line and use your boss’ liberty, don’t misuse it.



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