12 Fun Hobbies that would Keep you in Shape

Some love the gym and some of us shudder at the idea. Some can stay motivated while performing the same over and over again while the monotony drives some crazy. Some savor exercising in the confines of the four walls of the gym away from the normal chaos while others just want to break down the walls and escape! Well if you belong in the latter category then keep reading and something might strike a chord.

Fun Hobbies

12. Gardening.

Are you someone who has a green thumb? Love to run your fingers through the soil? Fascinated with the plants in your garden? Well, you might have just found the perfect hobby to keep you fit. Tinkering around the garden benefits you in more ways than just providing you with fruits, vegetables and flowers. It can also prove to be a fun way to stay fit. Tasks like shoveling, raking, weeding and mowing can work wonders on your body. One hour at this and you will easily burn as much calories as from a four-mile jog and you will be doing it without any conscious effort at all. And as a bonus, your cheeks get flushed from the fresh air painting a radiant glow on your face.

Fun Hobbies

11. Urban exploring.

Now this is a very novel hobby to help you stay fit. This can be an exciting hobby for someone living in the city. The concrete jungle can be quite exciting. Every city has got its kinks and quirks and the quest to find these oddities can turn into your hobby. Checking out abandoned ruins, tunnels, oddly structured buildings, unfrequented temples, churches, mosques and even active buildings which catch your fancy can be a quite thrilling. Urban exploration has been slowly gaining popularity and even media attention though questions have been raised about its safety and legality. Trespassing concerns, hazards in ruins due to unsafe floors, perilous chemicals, broken glass etc. and uncalled for encounters with strangers are all something to be considered before gearing up for an urban exploration.

Fun Hobbies

10. Indoor rock climbing

Living in the city and so no access to any natural rock formations? Well there is always indoor rock climbing where artificial rock structures perfectly mimic the experience of climbing outdoor crag. And even better it is safe, supervised and more importantly not susceptible to the will of nature. This activity can exercise your back, abdomen, leg and fingers in addition to shoulders and arms. Besides it all also provides flexibility and improves the agility of limbs and body. With no compromise on fun whatsoever and minimum injury this could prove to be an exciting hobby.

Fun Hobbies

9. Hiking

Hiking is as ancient as the human race, only early men hiked to forage for food while in modern times it is more a popular hobby. A powerful cardio workout it exercises not just the body but also the mind and soul. It lowers the risk of heart disease, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, builds muscles in the hips, hamstrings and lower legs and boosts bone density. While these are just its effects on the body the benefits of the bond formed between the soul and nature is indescribable. You feel exhilarated, cheerful and relaxed as a result of a hike. Akin to meditation, hiking is a spiritual healing experience that everyone must give a try at least once in their lifetime.

Fun Hobbies

8. Horse riding

I have loved horses all my life and I believe horse riding can be wonderful means of bonding with these majestic beasts. How do you burn fat while riding on a horse you might ask? This is a common misconception. Just saddle up and ride regularly to see the magic it works on your thighs, your agility, balance and stability.

Fun Hobbies

7. Hula hooping

Remember what fun you had twirling a hula hoop around your waist and legs? Or if you have never had the fortune of a twirl do you at least remember yearning to try it out once? Worried people might consider you childish if found with a hula hoop? Well you might just have the perfect excuse. Hooping regularly can burn fat in your waists while also blessing you with killer abs. It is an intense workout that also helps you steal your heart, and I don’t mean harden your heart, but to strengthen it. Coupled with improved strength and flexibility of the spine and involving immense concentration this can also be a challenging brain exercise.

Fun Hobbies

6. Running

I don’t think this exercise requires any explanation. Competing in marathons can bring out the competitive side in you and drive you to perform not only in your running shoes but also in other aspects of life. From lower cardiovascular risks to better brain performance the benefits are many. Many might consider this to be tedious and exhausting while it can prove to be quite a lot of fun and add three whole years more to your lifespan. Jog regularly for a few days and watch the miraculous transformation in your mirror!

Fun Hobbies

5. Swimming

This is another exercise as old as the hills. For the fishes among who literally live in the water swimming is an effective cardiovascular exercise more so than that performed on land. An easy way to drop calories and build muscles it can also help balance your cholesterol levels. Better flexibility and a healthier heart is the windfall you can expect from this fabulous exercise.

Fun Hobbies

4. Skipping

Fetch a rope and you are set for this great exercise. And what’s wonderful is it needn’t even be approached as an exercise. All you need to do is collect your friends in your local park or even your terrace and you may have found a really fun group activity. There is jump rope relay, jump rope routines to music and action jumping, which involves two people twirling the rope and one or more jumping the rope, to name a few amusing games with the rope.

Fun Hobbies

3. Yoga

You twist; bend, twirl, stretch, balance and you take deep strong breaths and all this for what? To enjoy the most calming experience that any exercise can offer. Yes I’m talking about yoga. It builds an inherent strength that boosts your confidence, endurance and pervades peace through your senses.

Fun Hobbies

2. Pole dancing

I know this will raise a few eyebrows and even fetch a few laughs from the readers but trust me when I say this can be a delightful and at the same time a great way to tone your body. You will find yourself spinning and climbing and flexing in ways you didn’t even know was in you. It’s a great way to build strength in your arms and legs while simultaneously learning a lesson in coordination and balance. What is even more incredible about this is that it is four exercises in one – yoga, Pilates, TRX and Physique 57. And what’s more, this can be very appealing to women who shudder at the thought of the gym.

Fun Hobbies

1. Zumba

Pack your comfy tracks, your dancing shoes and a helping of your dancing juice and we are all set to bust some moves! Weight loss and body toning are only two among many benefits that one can avail from this really cool workout. And the best thing about grooving is grooving with friends. You could either join a class or invite your friends home to boogey!

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