12 Most Tourist Friendly Countries in the World

Someone has rightly said ‘It feels good to be lost in the right direction’.

Like exploring new places? Make sure even the country that you choose treats you well. Travelling to new places is always a fun thing. If the people from those places are friendly, then the experience is blissful. Travelling is a passion for many. Such people always look out for variety and diversity. But there are so many countries who are not at all tourist friendly and this can ruin your experience a bit. To help you choose the destination without hesitation, we present

12 Most Tourist Friendly Countries in the World.

12. Iceland.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

With a small population, Iceland is considered to be the world’s friendliest countries. It is a Nordic Island country which is most sparsely populated country in Europe. It is defined by its dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and black-sand beaches Iceland has breathtaking scenic beauty which mesmerizes the tourists. Fed up with the summer and the heat? Visit Iceland and chill with the most friendliest people in the world.

11. Norway.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Norway is one country which is infamously amazing. The beautiful landscapes it offers to the visitors is a treat for the eyes.  It is famous for its fjord-indented coastline and its mountains, ski resorts, lakes and woods. Travelling in Norway is hassle free and very convenient for the tourists. Norway is a distinct country from all other countries.

10. Canada.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Canada- Keep Exploring. Yes, that’s what tourists look for. Exploring is the main goal of all the travelers. The second largest country in the world is well known for their culture, diversity, as well as the many national parks and historic sites. This cold country never fails to amaze the visitors. Canada is a welcoming country which accepts all the visitors as their own. Canada is one happy little world in its own.

9. Japan.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Japan- The jewel of Discoverer. This slogan stands completely true since they have so much to offer from their culture to the people who wish to explore. The leader of technology, Japan is the country which is extremely disciplined. When you are in Japan, you wouldn’t feel any less than a King or a queen. Such are their manners. The respect and etiquette they show is one quality which everyone should adhere to. Japan has 16 World Heritage Sites, including Himeji Castle and Historic Monuments of ancient Kyoto. Kyoto receives over 30 million tourists annually.

8. Italy.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Italy is famous for its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture, its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and priceless ancient monuments. Italy also contains more World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. Italian food is one irresistible thing which pulls you towards it. All the natural and cultural resources of Italy makes it a pleasant experience for the tourists.

7. Australia.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

‘There’s NOTHING like Australia’. This tourism slogan sure lives up to what it promises. The Australian tourism contributes $95.9 million a day to the Australian economy. Beautiful Australian beaches would make you want to just settle down close to the sea. Popular Australian destinations are the coastal cities of Sydney and Melbourne, also regional Queensland, the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef. The Australian wildlife is also a point of attraction for all the tourists. Australia makes you think twice before leaving.

6. Switzerland.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Switzerland- Get Natural. Yes, this is what Swiss is famous for- scenic beauty, of course apart from all those delectable Swiss chocolates. Switzerland’s Alpine climate and Landscapes draw maximum number of tourists. Mountaineering and Skiing are the two things to do when in Switzerland. The most visited Swiss tourist attractions are first, the Rhine Falls, second, the Berne Bear Exhibit, and third, with over 1.8 million paid entries: Zoo Basel. Switzerland can surely make you leave wanting for just a few holidays more.

5. United Kingdom.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

UK is the 8th biggest tourist destination in the world. England – birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally influential center of finance and culture. The country’s principal tourist destinations are in London, with the Tower of London being the single most visited attraction in the country. London Eye being the second most popular.  UK being the land of Britishers, elegance is one thing which they will never fail to express.

4. United States.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

United States, commonly known as US, is the most popular country. Tourists are keen to visit US and experience dynamism. People in US value individualism.  Tourists visit the US to see natural wonders, cities, historic landmarks, and entertainment venues. Experiencing US is pleasurable and the tourists who visit US often want to extend their stays. Today, there exists a wide range of tourist attractions in the United States such as amusement parks, festivals, gambling, golf courses, historical buildings and landmarks, hotels, museums, galleries, outdoor recreation, spas, restaurants and sports.

3. Germany.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Germany- The Travel Destination. Their slogan for tourism says it all. More than 30% Germans prefer enjoying their holidays in Germany itself. Germany is ranked on high infrastructure. Although it is ranked low on price competitiveness, because of it’s cultural resources, health and hygiene, nature, it is balanced out. Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world. According to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness, Germany is rated as one of the safest travel destinations worldwide.

2. France.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Considered to be the most romantic place in the world, France stands second on the list of most tourist-friendly countries. France is also known as a feminine country since it values qualities like honesty, collectivism, soft-spoken nature and many more. It is a well-developed country in terms of economy and infrastructure. People in France are kind and humble. Tourists should definitely plan to see all the beautiful French monuments. More than 84 million annual arrivals are by international tourists. France is such a country can give you a mind-blowing experience during your visit.

1. Spain.

Most Tourist Friendly Countries

Espana (I need Spain) This is the ultimate slogan for tourism in Spain. According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, Spain beats all the countries and stands first in the list of 141 tourist-friendly countries. Spain’s tourism contributes to the national economic life with 6.4% of GDP. The people in Spain are extremely friendly and always offer a helping hand to the needy and confused. The Spaniards value modesty and individualism. A person visiting France can enjoy Spain’s summer resorts and beaches, villas, nightlife, nature, art and culture, museums and what not. Spain and the Spaniards never fail to disappoint you.

Travelling is surely the most wonderful and relaxing thing ever in life which can bring you back from the lost world. Or give you an opportunity to get lost. Nothing can beat the peace you attain after exploring some new places. Be it vacationing, research travel, migration, recreation, business trips or anything else, make sure you find at least one reason every year to travel and take a break from everyday’s routine. Next time when you struggle to find places which would make you feel comfortable, simply check this list out and start marking your destinations on your tour plan. Let go off all the tensions, live free and live young.

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