12 Signs that you are an Outgoing Extrovert

Oxford Dictionary says that if you’re an outgoing, socially confident person, you’re an extrovert. But is that all there is to it?

How exactly do we define an extrovert? By common perception, extroverts are the ones who’re found being the life of social gatherings. They’re the talkers, the socially affable ones, the charmers. They indeed are outgoing and exude a friendly and positive enthusiasm that makes you inevitably like them. People enjoy their company, their positivity and their drive which is demonstrated aptly in all their endeavors as they immensely enjoy organizing and running things. They are energized by being around other people and being alone tickles their restless bone.

Although all this does, in fact, sum up the characteristics of a typical extrovert, they might not be exclusive to them. A lot of introverts do also have the unparalleled drive, ambition and positive enthusiasm albeit not so freely demonstrated.

However, we have compiled twelve of the most common traits that might safely reconfirm that you’re the outgoing extrovert that everyone around you has been claiming all along.


  1. You are open and extremely social

People find it easy to get to know you. Instead of being closed-off and detached like introverts, you are very open minded and are willing to express your feelings, thoughts and desires without any hiccups or hitches. Primarily because of this, people will get to know about your personality much quickly. Being an extrovert gives you the tag of being a social animal, be it online or offline. All in all, you are a simple person who is easier to read.


  1. You are described as friendly and approachable

Have you ever been called as amicable, welcoming or accessible? Chances are that you are an extrovert. People with this personality trait are liked by others a lot. They tend to typecast extroverts as easy to approach and easy going. At parties or any other social gatherings, an extrovert is probably going to be the one who will walk up to the guests and introduce themselves. Small talk is something which comes naturally to them. As a result, they find it easier to meet new people and become friends with them.


  1. Have a huge circle of friends

There is no doubt about the fact that an extrovert has an enormous group of friends. In fact, they have several circles of friends because they need to be around people all the time. The more, the merrier, so they are usually bouncing between groups. If you are one of them, do check out your never ending contact list on your phone! Making friends was never a difficult task for you. You constantly make plans to catch up with your endless list of pals, without any complaints. There will always be someone or the other who will help you out from any possible situation.


  1. Silence scares you

Being an extrovert, the one thing which makes you uncomfortable is complete silence. You will try to fill the dead air with chatter. Even the thought of being quiet is exhausting and feels like a lot of work. Meditation and yoga are things which will make you want to run away. Extroverts have this urge to talk and break the awkward silence once and for all.


  1. Lack a filter

Another sign that you are an extrovert would be the tendency of speaking out whatever comes to your mind. You tend to blurt out all your thoughts about someone or something without thinking about the repercussions or consequences. You might even be accused of being too honest, impulsive or rude at times.


  1. Social outings are your jam

Extroverts crave social settings as they get energy from people. From parties, group outings to trips, extroverts are always up for it. The more number of people, the better. You bring life to all kind of social events such as camping trips, birthday parties, bachelor parties, sleepovers, brunches, baby showers, concerts, road trips by simply being you. Your presence brings an energetic environment and life.


  1. You like to take the reins

Spontaneity and vigor run in your blood. Extroverts like to take up the baton and handle things the way they want to. Along with the ‘go with the flow’ attitude, they also like to take charge. Once they plan up something, they won’t back down without implementing it. So naturally, they make excellent hosts and throw the best parties in town!


  1. You like solving problems through talking

For you, talking can solve all kinds of issues or problems. Being an extrovert, you like discussing about various matters and explore the issue in depth. Expressing yourself helps you to rejuvenate. After a stressful day at school/college/work, you feel the need to talk about it with your family or friends. This automatically makes everything a hundred times better.


  1. Isolation annihilates your energy

If you are an extrovert, being alone will make you anxious. Believe it or not, being alone will actually drain your energy out. When there is no one to talk to and you are all by yourself, you feel tired and lethargic. You constantly need people around you. Isolation is your biggest fear. Without talking, you feel like you have pent up energy inside you which you are not able to release.


  1. Socializing energizes you

Somehow, extroverts feed off of others for their energy. Just being around people is like a jolt of caffeine. They feel charged up and refreshed after meeting new people, and actually, gain energy from these interactions. Being alone makes them restless and spiritless. If given a choice between staying home alone or to go out pubbing with a huge gang, they will always choose the later. Do you feel that your battery gets charged up when you spend time with others? If yes, then you are definitely one of them.


  1. Have inborn leadership skills

Extroverts make excellent leaders, primarily because they are always ready to take charge and believe in getting things done. They don’t shy away from responsibility and are the big doers. They have a knack of getting things done the way they want them to be done and see the big picture.  These folks have a natural tendency to lead large groups of people and work on projects which excite them. You are likely to see an extrovert taking initiative and stepping up to lead. They don’t shy away or feel insecure.


  1. Big chatterboxes

Stop talking already! Extroverts can talk to a brick wall. Not just friends or family, they don’t even leave strangers alone! If you are an extrovert you can strike up any kind of conversation with almost anyone. You just love the idea of meeting new people every day, as you find it fascinating and want to learn about their lives and personality. Unlike introverts who think a million times before saying out loud a word, you tend you speak as a way to explore and organize your thoughts. Most probably, people call you names like chatty, blabbermouth or McChatterson! If not talking face to face, your phone is your savior. Sadly, the phone bills can be a little depressing. On the whole, extroverts are the loud-talking variety.

All things considered, extroversion is an actual continuum and some people exhibit more of it than others. Being an extrovert is often valued as they tend to be skilled at interacting with others, which is a major plus point. So, if you are one, say out loud, ‘an extrovert and proud’!

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