120 Beautiful, Unique and Cute Girl Names with their Meaning

Hey! Not every name is meant to represent tiaras or a pink dress for your baby girl. A name must represent her personality, her charm and it should be exotic. People used to share common name in bygone ages. Yeah! That’s not going to happen now because a basket full of fresh names is awaiting your attention.

Name is considered as Human Identifier. We humans have devised a way to acknowledge each other by assigning unique distinguishable names. Oh! But there comes a glitch in betwixt. Our population is reaching the humongous mark of 8 Billion in near future. At times like these there is a possibility of naming different people with same names. Naming your little one with distinctive name is a huge task these days. It is their identity for life time, chances are that they may not like it when they grow up. Your relatives and friends would allude you with many names but keep in mind it shouldn’t be identical and it should stand out in a crowd. If you wish to name your little baby girl with some eloquent, unique, beautiful and cute name then check out the list below, it won’t disappoint you.

cute girl names


  1. Zuri:

As unusual as it may sound but it has a very interesting meaning. This short simple name means, someone who is hard-working and incredibly accomplished. Who could have imagined that?

  1. Zelda:

This name goes for an adventurous soul because it stands for someone who loves adventures. But with a catch, the adventurous person often ends up with tough situations.

  1. Zula:

Someone who likes to spend time with a good book. This name suits for a book lover.

  1. Zobia:

Zobia denotes someone who is God gifted. If you think your child is god gifted then there is no other cute word to represent it.

  1. Yolanda:

This Greek word denotes ‘Violet’ and can also be spelled Jolantha. Yolanda is so smart that she puts guys off and doesn’t care unnecessary.

  1. Yazmin

This beautiful word itself stands for exotic beauty. This exotically beautiful person is also a mystery to men and women alike.

  1. Yashika:

This name have various meaning, which are, someone who is famous, successful and intelligent. A brave god gifted girl.

  1. Yathi:

The divine name stats for one who makes people obtain divine wisdom by diminishing ignorance.  Someone who strives with Pertinacity of Purpose.

  1. Xandra:

Xandra is cute as well as funny at the same time. She is always messing around, and thus behaving like her name. It also stands for Defender of mankind.

  1. Xara:

Xara is a simple name which is one of the form of the name Sara. It stands for Princess in Hebrew. It’s a Spanish baby name.

  1. Xia:

This cute small name stands for someone who enjoys finer things in life. This Greek baby name also means welcoming, hospitable and excellent at analysing things.

cute girl names

  1. Xyleena:

Xyleena is a baby girl name which means one who lives in forest. This name is eloquent for a girl.

  1. Willa:

Oh! This name is so cute for a baby girl. This feminine version of William stands for resolute protection.  Some of the variations also states a funny meaning associated with it, which is, someone who only dates special people.

  1. Willow:

Willow is someone who seems shy at first but actually is gorgeous in looks, powerful and always in charge.

  1. Wilma:

Wilma is a German word which means resolute or famous. It sounds trendy and cute.

  1. Waynoka:

Waynoka is a name for being graceful. She will be an altruist, resourceful and passionate.

  1. Velma:

Velma is not afraid to show people how smart she is, and not to forget she is sexy too.

  1. Veronica:

Such a stylish name, Veronica, means smart and inquisitive. She is also fun and pretty. It suits for someone who is trendy.

  1. Violet:

Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth night’ shows people with this name have desire for love and work with others to achieve peace and harmony. It also gives a cute nick name- Viola.

  1. Vani:

Indian origin name, Vani, means speech. It is a reference to goddesses Saraswati. Short cute name Vani is very delightful.

  1. Uma:

This cute little name has it’s origin from Hindu, Hebrew and Japanese. It means hopeful. She is loved by many for her good looks and great personality.

  1. Ursum:

This English name is so beautiful. Its means, being cute. Such an unique unusual name for a girl.

  1. Unnati:

Unnati means progress. It’s a Hindu name for baby girl.

  1. Ulrica:

Teutonic name, Ulrica, means ruler of all. It belongs to Indo-European language.

  1. Tamsin:

Tamsin name stands as a whole package as it means cool, funny and beautiful. This name is so beautiful that it would suit any baby girl.

  1. Tatum:

Tatum represents a strong, gorgeous woman who makes things happen. It’s unique in its own way and it stands for a strong personality.

  1. Tabitha:

Tabitha means Gazelle or Doe. It’s an Aramaic name.

  1. Tori:

Tori is derived from Victoria and it means Triumphant. This cute name is for an amazing little girl.

  1. Selena:

Selena means someone with exotic gaze and someone who gets attention wherever she goes. Moon goddess in Greek is associated with this name.

  1. Sara:

The name has Hebrew origins and means princess, an aptly perfect name for your little one. Sara is easy-going and fun to hang around with.

  1. Shirina:

A unique name with Indian and Persian-Iranian origins. Shirina means love song. It means sweet and charming too, which represents personality traits.

  1. Sachi:

Sachi is a sweet name with sweet meaning. It means grace or a graceful lady. It is also assumed to be descended from the sun god.

  1. Sejal:

A cute short name usually refers to the water flowing in river. It also refers to be pure and have depth in character which certainly suits a baby girl.

  1. Riley:

A name with Irish origins. Riley means Valiant. It’s a very strong word, but at the same time it is very unique and cute.

  1. Raya:

A name used in Bulgaria and which is strongly related to ‘heaven’. It also indicates someone who will never back down in any case.

  1. Rebecca:

Rebecca would automatically give you a beautiful nick name with it – ‘becca’. It’s a Hebrew name derived from biblical name Rivka, meaning ‘to tie’.

  1. 84. Rhea:

Rhea means to flow, like a river. In American language it means mother of gods, simply because the name Rhea in Greek mythology was the name of the mother of Greek god Zeus.

  1. Quinn:

A baby girl name, Quinn, means wise or intelligent council. It is used in Scottish, Irish and American names.

  1. Queenie:

A name which is an affectionate of the term queen. It is derived from old English word ‘cwen. It simply means a Woman, or a Royal lady (ruler).

  1. Quasar:

A perfectly unique name Quasar means a Meteorite. It is of Hindi origin and generally used as a girl’s name.

  1. Quiyl:

Quiyl is totally a distinct name for a girl. It means a bird. If you want something out of the box then consider this name.

  1. Paige:

With Latin origins, Paige is derived from Paidion. It means a ‘young helper’ or a ‘young child’. It’s new, it’s trendy and cute.

  1. Prajakta:

An uncommon Hindu name for girl, Prajakta means a fragrant flower. If your little one looks like a sweet flower then this name suits her the best.

  1. Piper:

Scandinavian originated name which is derived from pipere means one who plays the pipe. You can see it’s popularity after the television series ‘Charmed’. A rather unusual word but at the same time it’s unique.

cute girl names

  1. Pixie:

It means cute and petite. Such a lovely name ‘Pixie’ would definitely stand apart among many names in a crowd.

  1. Primrose:

Primrose is a flower which also means the first rose. A cute little girl with this name would definitely look classy.

  1. Oviya:

A very distinctive unique name which means ‘a beautiful painting’ or ‘a drawing’. This name also refers to an artist.

  1. Omaira:

Omaira simply means a Star. A beautiful awesome name for a girl.

  1. Opal:

It’s a name of a gemstone opal, also known as birthstone for October. A Sanskrit word which means a ‘Jewel’.

  1. Omisha:

A Hindi originated name meaning the goddess of birth and death. It is very unique and rarely found as a name in a list.

  1. Olivia:

A simple name Olivia as in Olive meaning symbol of peace. It’s seen as a Shakespearean baby name in Twelfth night.

  1. Nicole:

French word which means victory, generally in sense of being victorious. It’s a derivative of Nicolas.

  1. Norah:

Norah means a Shining Light. It’s a Latin baby name which also means Honour. In French it is derived from Greek Helen.

  1. Naomi:

A subtle Hebrew baby name, Naomi, means pleasantness. It also represents sweetness and beautiful girl.

  1. Naila:

Naila means the achiever and a successful person. A unique baby girl name is something you should look for if you want an out of the box name for your baby girl.

  1. 65. Nadia:

It means a delicate and a hopeful person. Such a cute name will definitely suit a baby girl.

  1. 64. Malia:

A Hawaiian name, Malia, means calm and peaceful. Just like a baby looks when she is asleep.

  1. Myra:

With Greek origins this name has very distinctive meanings which can be, such as fragrance of a flower or a person who is extraordinary. Nevertheless give your extraordinary child an extraordinary name.

  1. Manasa:

A Sanskrit word meaning thoughts or something which is conceived in mind. It’s unique and a strong word.

  1. Margot:

A French and Greek baby name which means a Pearl. It is derived from Margaret.

  1. Maisie:

A sweet name which also means child of light, a pearl. An English nickname for Margaret.

  1. Meadow:

Yes Meadow can be a beautiful name for a baby girl. It means field of glass or vegetation.

  1. Laurie:

It’s a Latin baby name which is Of Laurentum, or from the first place of Laurel leaves. Also interpreted for English word Lorcan.

  1. Lenore:

Lenore simply means Light. It’s a Greek and American baby name for a girl.

  1. Lacey:

It means from Lassy or Lacy, a young and beautiful girl.

  1. Lasya:

Hindu mythology considers Lasya as dance performed by goddess Parvati. With such divine meaning it also stands for graceful and happiness.

  1. Keira:

It’s a feminine reference for Irish Gaelic Kieran which in America translated as being dusky and dark haired. It’s a cute simple name for a girl.

  1. Kayla:

Kayla means a pure one and one of it’s meaning is also someone who is Full of Joy. It represents joy just like a joyful child.

  1. Kara:

An Italian baby name which means a beloved one. Feminine form of ‘cara’ or ‘carus’.

  1. Kylie:

Australian baby girl name. It’s an aboriginal word for boomerang. A different name with different meaning.

cute girl names

  1. Jada:

An Arabic name which means a gift giver. It also means knowing in Biblical terms.

  1. Juno:

Juno is a Latin name which means young. Roman mythology states that Juno was protectors of women and of marriage.

  1. Jessa:

This cute little name means beholding god and wealthy. With such a significant meaning this name is a surely a good name to be acknowledged with.

  1. Jude:

A Hebrew baby name which means to praise. It is derived from Latin word Judah.

  1. Isobel:

Scottish name which means consecrated or pledged to god. It can also be varied for Isabel.

  1. Ivy:

Ivy is a plant which also stands for faithfulness. It’s short, cute and beautiful name for a baby girl.

  1. 44. Ira:

Hindu originated name Ira is another word for goddess Saraswati. It also means wisdom.

  1. Inaya:

A name with various meanings such as beautiful, solicitude or a gift from god.

  1. Harper:

Originated for a harp player this name also means a pleasant and brave person. It is unique and subtle name.

  1. Hamsa:

It means a beautiful person just like a Swan. It is a Hindu baby girl name.

  1. Hazel:

Hazel usually represents a tree or a colour but it also is a girl’s name. It’s an English name for Hazelnut tree which also means a commander. It’s fashionable and trendy name.

  1. Heather:

A baby girl name Heather is a variety of small shrubs with flowers of pink-white colour. An evergreen plant representing a happy person.

  1. 38. Gabriel:

A Hebrew name which has a divine meaning. It means a messenger of god. It also stands for ‘God is my strength’.

  1. Guleen:

Such a unique name, Guleen, have a very beautiful meaning. It means someone with beautiful smile, if your girl have a beautiful smile then this is an apt name for her.

  1. Grace:

Grace is a very sweet name for a girl. It stands for goodness and generosity. With Latin origin this name is related to God’s grace. In Greek it also means beauty, joy and blossom.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is considered to be name associated to people with red hair. It means pure, pep or lively and also refers to ginger root at times.

  1. Felicity:

Felicity in English means happiness and in Latin it means lucky with good fortune. Derived from Felicitas this name also refers to ancient Roman goddess.

  1. Faria:

This different and unique name means someone who is loving, kind and beautiful. Thus representing your beautiful baby girl.

  1. Fleur:

This French baby name simply means a flower, related to a nature name. It’s fun and cute.

  1. Faye:

Meaning of Faye is belief, trust, confidence and loyalty. It also means a fairy.

  1. Freya:

This Scandinavian baby name means a Lady. It is derived from Freyja, who was a Norse goddess of love and mythological wife of Odin.

  1. Evelyn:

This name has Norman Origin and it’s meaning is Life. It is derived from aveline which means hazelnut.

  1. Elakshi:

A woman with intelligent bright eyes. A unique name in Sanskrit.

  1. Esme:

Esme is a short form of name Esmeralda. A French word which means to esmer or to love, esteemed and beloved.

  1. Elsa:

You must have heard Elsa from Frozen. This cute little name means oath of god or god is satisfaction. In Hebrew it from Elisheba.

  1. Ekanshi:

A rather unique name which means ‘of one part’, that she will be your part forever no matter what prevails.

  1. Daanya:

A different name with not so different meaning, which is beautiful and a gift of God.

  1. Delilah:

A Hebrew name which means delight, languish, temptress and amorous. This name can be seen in Old Testament.

  1. Dhwani:

A Sanskrit word referring to music or a stream of nice music. A little baby girl who lights up your heart just like a good music.

  1. Daphne:

Greek name meaning a Bay tree, or laurel tree.

  1. 20. Celia:

Originated in Latin, Celia means heavenly. It’s a nickname of Cecilia or Celestina. It’s a feminine version of Caelius, a character from Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’.

  1. 19. Charvi:

This unusual and uncommon name means beautiful, just like every daughter is to their parents.

  1. Claire:

Claire literally means clear and bright. A little girl with bright mind clear heart is best suited to deserve this name.

  1. Cathy:

Cathy is from name Catherine meaning pure. It’s a Greek and American baby name.

  1. Charis:

This unusual name denotes one of the Graces. It represents grace or kindness.

  1. Cadence:

An English baby name means a rhythmic flow of Sounds. Such a subtle name would suit a girl aptly.

  1. Brooke:

English name meaning lives by the stream. It also means gorgeous, pretty and glamorous among many of it’s variant meanings.

  1. Buffy:

Buffy is diminutive of Elizabeth. It means ‘God is my oath’. A simple name with divine meaning.

  1. Beverly:

An exclusive feminine name taken from the place called Beverley. It is a combination of Befer “beaver” and leah “clearing”.

  1. Bonita:

A feminine name in Spanish and Portuguese which means pretty and cute.

  1. Brianna:

With Irish origins this words stand to show honour and virtue.

  1. Bhuwana:

A beautiful name which is originated from Sanskrit means ‘being’ and the earth.

  1. Blair:

This name is derived from places from Scotland named Blair. It means Plain or a field in Scottish Gaelic Blar.

  1. Amora:

Amora is a Spanish name for Love. It’s a beautiful name with lovely meaning.

  1. Aaraydhya:

A Hindu originated name means worship. It also means someone who comes first and regard.

  1. Aahana:

This name means ‘the first rays of the sun’. Just as your girl is a ray of joy so is her name.

  1. Agnes:

A name meaning pure or holy for a feminine figure. It’s also named as Agnese in Italian and Ines in Portuguese and Spanish.

  1. Amelia:

A name formed by blending Emilia and Amalia which means striving and also industrious. In Teutonic it means defender.

  1. Anika:

A variant unique name which means beauty and grace.

  1. Aurora:

Latin baby name which is popularly known from the tale of ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. Aurora means dawn and also supposed to be a Mythical Roman Goddess.

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  • Sanskrit boy names starting from letter M
    हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित म से आरंभ

    # Manuvat मनुवत्-like man or as becomes men
    # Manuvrit मनुवृत- chosen by men. Here मनु means men +वृत means chosen
    # Manubhu मनुभू-man, mankind, born from man or
    from first being on earth मनु का पुत्र. It is joining of
    मनु+भू Here मनु means father of mankind, man + भू means born
    # Manupreet/Manuprit मनुप्रीत- beloved by men
    Here मनु means men +प्रीत means beloved
    # Manupranit मनुप्रणीत- taught or promulgated by
    ‘Manu’. Here मनु means first man on earth + प्रणीत means promulgated
    # Madish मदिश- spirituous liquor
    # Milan मिलन- meeting, joining, union, contact
    # Maunik/Mounik मौनिक- like a saint
    # Medinidin मेदिनीदिन- natural day
    # Mohanak मोहनक- month chaitra (चैत्र मास)
    # Moham मोहम्/मोहं- wonder, bewildering, delusion
    ■ Mohin मोहिन्- deluding, attractive, perplexing
    # Mohaant मोहान्त- deep bewilderment of mind
    # Mohatmak मोहात्मक-causing delusion, causing
    # Mohat/Mohaat मोहात्- because of ignorance, by illusion
    # Mohay मोहाय- confusion, for bewildering, for
    # Markav/Maarkav मार्कव- false daisy
    ▲ Mooler मूलेर-a king, Indian spikenard. It is
    joining of मूल ( to be rooted)+ एरक् (as a suffix)
    # Manyu मन्यु- mind, sacrifice, rage, high spirit,
    passion, zeal, mood, wrath
    ☆ Mayukh मयूख- ray of light, lustre
    # Maariy मारीय- relating to god of love
    # Manujottan मनुजोत्तन- best of men
    # Manujottam मनुजोत्तम-best among men
    It is joining of मनुज+उत्तम Here मनुज means men
    उत्तम means best
    # Manasin मनसिन्- having intellect, mind or soul
    # Mukur मुकुर- blossom, bud,Arabian jasmine,mirror
    ▲ Makur मकुर- blossom, bud, Arabian jasmine
    # Marttik मार्त्तिक- earthen
    # Mokshak मोक्षक- liberator, reedeemer
    ▲ Mantu मन्तु- king, advisor, manager, advice, ruler ▲ Mahat महत्- great
    # Maahan माहन-Brahman
    It is joining of मा+हन .Here मा means prohibitive &
    हन means to kill (Brahman is prohibited to kill in
    # Mahakul माहाकुल- nobly born
    #Mahatimik माहातिमिक- ‘belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    #Mahatmik माहात्मिक-belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    # Mehanavat मेहनावत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+वत् means one
    possessing or having
    # Mehanavant मेहनावंत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+ वंत् means
    bestowing or having
    # Maris मरीस- milk
    ▲ Maarish/Marish मारिष- worthy friend,
    respectable man
    ▲ Muchir मुचिर- munificent, liberal, wind, deity,
    ■ Manu मनु-father of human race, first being on
    earth, man, wise, incantation
    # Manuj मनुज- son of lord ‘Manu’, human, man
    Here मनु means first human on earth, human being
    + ज means born
    # Manujat मनुजात- man, human
    ▲ Manus मनुस्- man
    ★ Maanush मानुष- man
    # Manujendra/Manujendr मनुजेन्द्र- king, lord of men,
    sovereign of men. It is joining of मनु+ज+इन्द्र. Here
    मनु means human + ज means born, मनुज collectively means men +इन्द्र means king
    ♣ Manujesh मनुजेश- king, lord of humans
    Here मनुज means men+ ईश means king
    # Manujapati मनुजपति- king, lord of men, sovereign
    of men. Here मनुज means men, humans+ पति means lord, master
    # Manujadhip मनुजाधिप- king, prince, sovereign of
    men. Here मनुज collectively means men + अधिप
    means sovereign, king
    # Mahit महित- honoured, worshipped, esteemed
    # Mahitam महितम्- honoured
    # Mahitvam महित्वम्- greatness, might
    ★Mahiman महिमन्- greatness, glory, majesty, might,
    high rank
    ♣ Mahim महिम- might, great,glorious
    # Mahinam महिनाम्- sovereignty, dominion
    # Mahisth महिष्ठ- great, largest
    ▼ Mahikshit महिक्षित्- A king, sovereign
    Here महि means earth/great +क्षित् means ruler
    # Mahimat महिमत्- much, abundant, marriage-fire
    # Mahanad माहानद- relating to a great river
    # Mahimadhvan महिमाधवन्- King, earth-lord
    # Mahimahendra महीमहेन्द्र- king, great Indra of
    earth. Here महि means earth +महेन्द्र means great
    Indra or great king
    # Mahinavat माहिनावत्- excited, exhilarated, great
    ♥Mahin महिन/महीन- King, prince,cheerful, mighty
    ♥ Maahin माहिन- cheerful, mighty, blithe, dominion
    # Mahiratna/Mahiratn महिरत्न- possessing great
    treasures .Here महि means great +रत्न means
    # Mahindra/Mahindr महीन्द्र- earth-chief, king.
    Here महि means earth +इन्द्र means lord, chief
    ♥ Mahip/Maheep महीप- earth-protector, king
    Here महि/मही means earth +प means protection
    ▲ Mayu मयु- deer
    ♥ Maayu मायु- bleating, bellowing, bile, humour,
    roaring, mooing
    # Mayas मयस्- delight, refreshment
    # Maayin मायिन- magic, artful, illusory, juggler, magician, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna
    ▲ Maayik/Mayik मायिक- magic, creating illusion, juggler, conjurer
    # Mayakar मायाकार- conjurer, juggler
    # Mayamay मायामय- illusive, magical
    # Mayur मयूर- peacock
    # Maayur मायूर- dear to peacock, made of peacock’s feathers
    ◆ Mayusv/Mayusva मयूस्व- ray
    MEANING OF Unique & Modern SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter M
    ♧ Madra मद्र-hapiness, joy, personification of first
    melody/मूर्छना, a king of Madras
    # Maadra माद्र- king of Madras
    ◆ Madrap मद्रप- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    country Madras + प means protector, ruler
    ♧ Madresh मद्रेश- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    Madras country +ईश means chief, king
    ● Madrak मद्रक- prince of Madras, person
    belonging to Madras
    # Murmur मुर्मुर-God of love, burning chaff
    # Murtip मूर्तिप- priest who guards an idol, image-
    keeper. Here मूर्ति means idol +प from word पा
    means protector
    # Medh मेध- marrow, any sacrifice, broth, sap,
    essence, nourishing or strengthening drink
    ■ Medin मेदिन्- possessing vigour or energy, ally,
    friend, companion
    # Medak मेदक- spirituous liquor used for distillation
    # Medur मेदुर- bland, soft, thick, full of dense,
    # Mukul मुकुल- bud, body, soul, first tooth
    ♥ Makul मकुल- bud, Spanish cherry tree [ Mimusops Elengi – Bot. ]
    @ Maakuli माकुलि- kind of snake
    》Makulak/Makoolak मकूलक- wild Croton plant
    [ Croton Polyandrum – Bot. ]
    # Mukulay मुकुलय- to cause to close or shut (the
    # Mukulit मुकुलित- closed(like a bud), budded, full of
    # Mukulayit मुकुलायित- budded, blossomed
    ☆ Mukulin मुकुलिन्- budding, full of buds
    ♣ Muku मुकु- freedom, liberation
    # Mukun मुकुन्- freedom, liberation
    # Mukum मुकुम्- freedom
    ★ Mukund/Mukunda मुकुन्द- kind of precious stone
    (quicksilver), One who liberates, Name of a
    tresure of Kubera, A name of lord Vishnu. Here मुकु
    means liberation(from passion) +उन्द means to
    wet, to sprinkle OR it may be formed by joining of
    मुकुन् +द (दा) Here मुकुन् means freedom +द means
    # Mukuray/Mukuraay मुकुराय- become a mirror
    ▼ Muktak मुक्तक- independent, separate, missile
    # Muktakar मुक्तकर- liberal, open handed, one who
    liberates. Here मुक्त means free +कर means one
    who does, happening
    # Muktahar मुक्ताहार- string of pearls. Here मुक्ता means pearls + हार means string, necklace
    # Mandit मण्डित- adorned, decorated
    # Mandayat मन्दयत्- delighting, rejoicing
    # Mandrayu मन्द्रयु- pleasant
    # Mandisth मन्दिष्ठ- most delightful
    # Mandasaan मन्दसान- joyous, inspirited,
    intoxicated, fire, life, sleep
    # Mandahas मन्दहास- smile, laugh slowly. Here मन्द
    means slow, gentle + हास means smile
    # Mandarav मन्दरव- murmur. Here मन्द means slow
    + रव means sound
    ♥ Mandan मन्दन- cheerful
    # Mandan मण्डन- ornament, adorning
    # Mandu मन्दु- joyous, pleased, cheerful
    # Mandanil मन्दानिल- gentle breeze. Here मन्द
    means gentle +अनिल means breeze
    #Mandam मन्दम्- gradually ,(ind.) tardily,
    slightly, softly, slowly, in low voice
    # Mandh मन्ध- a kind of antelope
    # Mandin मन्दिन्- delighted, delighting,
    # Mandra मन्द्र- sounding or speaking pleasantly,
    low, charming, hollow (m.) lower tone, species
    of elephant
    # Mandag मन्दग- moving or flowing slowly,
    an epithet for planet Saturn. Here मन्द means
    slow +ग means going
    # Mandat मन्दट- Coral tree
    # Mandak मण्डक- sort of pastry or baked flour,
    particular musical air
    # Mandaak मन्दाक- praise, stream, current
    # Mandar मन्दर- large, firm, tardy, slow,
    mirror, heaven
    # Mandaar मन्दार- heaven, thorn apple
    # Mandayu मन्दयु- cheerful, happy

  • MEANING OF SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter I
    # Ikshanik ईक्षणिक- ‘a looker into the future’, a
    fortune teller
    $ Ikshamaan ईक्षमाण- looking at, surveying
    # Inkhan ईङ्खन/ईंखन- swinging
    $ Inkhay ईङ्खय/ ईंखय – moving, causing to flow or
    ★ Ijaan ईजान- one who has sacrificed
    $ Ishanadhip ईशानाधिप- “one whose lord is
    Shiva”, the north east. Here ईशान means north
    east or Shiva + अधिप means lord
    # Ishvaradatt ईश्वरदत्त- “given by God”, God-gift.
    Here ईश्वर means god + दत्त means given
    $ Ishvaranisth ईश्वरनिष्ठ- trusting in God. Here
    ईश्वर means lord + निष्ठ means trusting in
    # Ishvarapriya ईश्वरप्रिय- “dear to God”, a
    partridge. Here ईश्वर means god + प्रिय means
    $ Ishaddhas ईषद्धास- slightly laughing, smiling.
    Here ईषत्/ ईषद् means slightly + हास means smile
    # Ishaddhasya ईषद्धास्य- a smile, slight laughter.
    Here ईषत्/ईषद् means slightly + हास्य means
    $ Ishadrakt ईषद्रक्त- pale red. Here ईषत् means
    slightly + रक्त means red
    # Ihatas ईहतस्- diligently, energetically, by or with
    exertion or labour
    $ Iharthin ईहार्थिन्- aiming at any object, seeking
    wealth. Here ईह means to seek, aiming + आधुनिक means wealth, any object
    # Ihalih ईहालिह्- reading (any one’s) wish
    ▶ Ishesh ईशेश- lord of lords, supreme master.
    Here ईश means lord, chief, master + ईश means
    lord, chief, master
    ♥ Isheshvar ईशेश्वर- supreme lord, lord of lords.
    Here ईश means lord + ईश्वर means lord
    # Itya इत्य-to be gone to or towards
    $ Itvan इत्वन्- going
    # Itvar इत्वर- going, travelling, a traveller, harsh,
    low (m.) a bull or steer allowed to go at liberty
    $ Ikkat इक्कट- a kind of reed
    # Ikshuj इक्षुज- produced or coming from
    Here इक्षु means sugarcane +ज means produced
    $ Ikshumul इक्षुमूल- root of sugarcane. Here इक्षु
    means sugarcane +मूल means root
    # Ikshusamudra इक्षुसमुद्र- the sea of syrup (one of
    seven seas). Here इक्षु means syrup +समुद्र means
    $ Ikshuk इक्षुक -sugarcane
    # Ing इङ्ग/इंग- movable, locomotive, surprising,
    knowledge, an indication of sentiment by gesture
    $ Ingan इङ्गन/इंगन- shaking, seperation of one
    member of a compound from another separation
    by mark of tmesis
    #Ingud इङ्गुद/इंगुद- the medicinal tree Terminalia
    Cattapa (In Bengal confounded with Putranjiva
    Roxburghii Wall)
    $ Ichikil इचिकिल- a pond, mire, mud
    # Ichhak इच्छक- “desiring”, the citron[Citrus
    Medica-Bot.] , (In Arithmetic.) the sum sought
    $ Ijya इज्य- to be revered or honoured, a teacher,
    God, Planet Jupiter
    # Ijyasheel इज्यशील- sacrificing frequently
    $ Inchaak इञ्चाक/इंचाक- a shrimp, prawn
    # Idas इडस्- the object of devotion, refreshment,
    libation offered to the gods
    $ Idvar इड्वर- a bull fit to be set at liberty
    #Itkat इत्कट- a kind of reed or grass
    $ Idadik इदादिक- beginning now or with this
    # Inasabh इनसभ- a royal court or assembly. Here
    इन means royal + सभ from सभा means court
    $ Inaksh इनक्ष् -to endeavour to reach , strive to
    # Ind इन्द्- to see, to be powerful
    $ Indivaradal इन्दीवरदल- petal of a blue lotus.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दल means petal
    # Indivardrish इन्दीवरदृश्- a lotus eyed person.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दृश् means eye,
    $ Indivaraksh इन्दीवराक्ष- ‘lotus eyed’. Here
    इन्दीवर means lotus + अक्ष from अक्षि means eye
    # Indukamal इन्दुकमल- the blossom of white lotus
    $ Indukar इन्दुकर- ray of moon. Here इन्दु means
    moon + कर means ray
    # Indukirit इन्दुकिरीट- “moon-crested”, Shiva . Here
    इन्दु means moon + किरीट means crest
    $ Indushekhar इन्दुशेखर- “moon-crested”, Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon +शेखर means crest/peak
    # Indumauli इन्दुमौलि -“moon crested”, Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon + मौलि means head, crest
    $ Indunandan इन्दुनन्दन- “son of moon”, planet
    Here इन्दु means moon +नन्दन means son
    # Indusut इन्दुसुत- “son of moon”, planet Mercury.
    Here इन्दु means moon +सुत means son
    $ Indusunu/Indusoonu इन्दुसूनु- “son of moon”,
    planet Mercury. Here इन्दु means moon +सूनु means
    # Indubimb इन्दुबिम्ब- the disk of moon. Here इन्दु
    means moon +बिम्ब means disk
    $ Indubhrit इन्दुभृत – “bearing the crescent on his
    forehead”, Shiva . Here इन्दु means moon or
    crescent + भृत means one who bears or has
    # Indumukh इन्दुमुख -Moon-faced. Here इन्दु means
    moon + मुख means face
    $ Induvadan इन्दुवदन- Moon-faced. Here इन्दु
    means moon + वदन means face
    # Induratn इन्दुरत्न- “Moon-stone”. Here इन्दु means
    moon +रत्न means precious stone, jewel
    $ Indrakrisht इन्द्रकृष्ट-“ploughed by Indra”,
    growing in a wild state. Here इन्द्र means lord
    Indra (lord of sky and rain) +कृष्ट means ploughed
    # Indrakosh इन्द्रकोष- a platform, a scaffold, a
    kind of balcony or terrace ( a projection of roof of
    a house)
    $ Indrakoshak इन्द्रकोषक- a kind of balcony or
    terrace, a scaffold
    # Indrachap इन्द्रचाप- rainbow, “Indra’s bow”.
    Here इन्द्र means lord Indra +चाप means bow
    $ Indragop इन्द्रगोप- having Indra as one’s
    protector, protected by lord of sky and rain. Here
    इन्द्र means Lord Indra + गोप means to protect
    # Indraj इन्द्रज- son of Indra (Arjuna, Jayanta,
    Valin). Here इन्द्र means lord Indra + ज means
    born from
    # Invak इन्वक- pervading
    $ Ibhamachal इभमाचल- a lion
    # Iyaksh इयक्ष्- to go towards, to approach, to
    request, to endeavour to gain
    $ Iyakshu इयक्षु- longing for, seeking to gain
    # Indrajaalik इन्द्रजालिक- juggler, a conjurer
    $ Indrajaalin इन्द्रजालिन्- juggler, a conjurer
    # Indratejas इन्द्रतेजस्- Indra’s thunderbolt
    $ Indranil इन्द्रनील- sapphire
    # Indranilak इन्द्रनीलक- an emarald
    $ Indrapalik इन्द्रपालिक- “protected by Indra
    # Indrapurogam इन्द्रपुरोगम- having Indra as leader
    $ Indrabh इन्द्राभ- one resembling to Indra. Here इन्द्र means lord Indra + आभ means resembling
    # Induvrat इन्दुव्रत- relegious observance
    depending on age of the moon
    # Indukant इन्दुकान्त -moon-loved, moon-stone
    # Indupad इन्दुपद -moon-ray. Here इन्दु means
    moon + पद means ray
    # Indudin इन्दुदिन -lunar day .Here इन्दु means
    moon/lunar दिन means day
    # Indambar इन्दम्बर- blue lotus, sacred blue lily
    [Nymphaea Caerulea-Bot.]
    # Inv/Inva इन्व- pervading
    # Ingit इङ्गित/इंगित -sign, secret aim,indication,
    movement, palpitation, gesture, change of voice
    # Ishit इषित -tossed, animated, quick, diven,
    excited, speedy
    # Ishavat/Ishawat इषवत् -vigorous
    # Ishavya/Ishawya इषव्य -skilled in archery
    # Ishiram इषिरम् -(ind.) quickly
    #Ishitum इषितुम् -(verb) to go
    # Ishkrit इष्कृत् -arranged in order
    # Ishukrit इषुकृत -preparing, arranging, made
    quick as an arrow, hurting like an arrow, arrow-
    maker. Here means arrow means make
    # Ishukar इषुकार -arrow-maker. Here means arrow means maker
    # Ishubhrit इषुभृत् -archer, carrying arrows. Here means arrow means carrying
    # Ishupat इषुपात -arrow’s flight. Here means arrow means flight
    # Ishudhyu इषुध्यु -requesting, imploring
    # Ishvasan इष्वसन -bow, arrow thrower
    # Ishtatar इष्टतर -more desired, dearer
    # Ishtatam इष्टतम -dearest, most desired,
    # Induj इन्दुज-son of moon .Here इन्दु means moon
    + ज means son
    # Indudal इन्दुदल -crescent moon, digit
    # In/Ina इन -sun, king, master, lord, (adj.)
    glorious, energetic, able, mighty, wild
    ◀ Ilav (iLAV) इलव -farmer
    # Idavat इडावत् -possessed of refreshment,
    possessed or sacrificial food, refreshed, granting
    fresh vital spirits, particular time
    # It/Ita इत -obtained, remembered, gone, returned
    # Ipsit ईप्सित -wished, desire, sought after
    # Ipsan ईप्सन -wished, desire
    # Irin इरिन् -powerful, violent, instigator, tyrant
    # Irgal इर्गल -bolt
    # Irya इर्य -destroying enemies, lord, active,
    # Iran/Eeran ईरण -agitating, wind, driving, uttering
    # Iravat/Irawat इरावत् -king, cloud, ocean, comfortable,
    It is a joining of ira(इरा)+vat (वत्) .Here इरा
    means-earth, water, speech, comfort, refresh & वत्
    as a suffix means one having or possessing
    :-)when here ‘ira’ means earth then Iravat means
    🙂 when here ‘ira’ is used to symbolise water
    then iravat means ocean, cloud
    🙂 when here ‘Ira’is used to symbolize comfort
    then Iravat means comfortable & simultaneously
    ◀ Inesh इनेश -strong king. It is joining of इन+ईश
    .Here इन as an adjective means strong & ईश
    means king
    # Ishu इषु -arrow
    # Ishuk इषुक -arrow
    # Ishudhar इषुधर -archer. Here इषु means arrow +
    धर means bearer
    # Ishir/Eeshir ईषिर -powerful, fast, refreshing, fire
    # Itih इतिह -thus indeed, according to tradition
    # Idit /Eedit ईडित -requested, implored
    # Ips ईप्स्-wish to obtain, desire
    # Ipsu /Eepsu ईप्सु -desirous, expectant
    # Ihit ईहित -take care, wish
    # Iham ईहम -expected
    # Ihavas इहवास -life
    # Iyivas ईयिवस -one who has obtained
    ▶ Iraj/Eeraj ईरज -wind born, Lord Hanuman. It is joining of ईर+ज .Here ईर means wind ज means
    ♥ Iraaj इराज- born from water, god of love. It is
    joining of इरा +ज .Here इरा means water & ज
    means son/born
    # Irajya इरज्य-lead, grow order
    # Ishaan/ Ishan ईशान -(adj.) wealthy, owning, splendour (m.) north-east direction, lord Shiva, ruler,
    light,master, lord, commanding
    # Ishin ईशिन -commanding
    ● Iresh इरेश -king, sovereign, god of water. It is
    joining of इरा +ईश .Here ‘Ira’/इरा means earth,
    water & ‘Ish’/ईश means lord, chief
    # Ikshan/Ixan ईक्षण -sight,care, superintendance,
    eye, look, aspect, looking after
    # Iyat ईयत् -so large
    # Ivat ईवत् -so large
    # Ilesh (ILESH) इलेश -Lord of earth, sovereign. It
    is joining of इला+ईश .Here इला means earth & ईश
    means lord/king
    ▶ Ichhu इच्छु -desirous, wisher, desiring
    # Ishtatar इष्टतर -dearer, more desired
    # Iddh इद्ध -shinning, light, sunshine, clean,
    # Iyesh इयेष -desired
    # Ish ईश -supreme, powerful, capable of, king,
    ruler, lord, husband, chief, master, Shiva
    # Iish/Eesh ईष -worshipper of Shiva
    # Ishm इष्म/ईष्म -spring, Kamadeva
    # Isht/Ishta इष्ट -lord,beloved, worshipped with
    sacrifices, husband, desire
    # Ishtu इष्टु -desire, wish
    # Ing इङ्ग/इंग -wonderful
    # Ishv/Ishva इष्व/ईष्व -spring, spiritual teacher
    ◀ Ishin/Eeshin ईशिन् -commanding
    # Ishayu इषयु -fresh, powerful
    # Ishidh इषिध् -offering, libation
    ◀ Ishmin इष्मिन् -speedy
    # Ishubal इषुबल -powerful by arrows
    It is joining of इषु+बल .Here इषु means arrow & बल
    means power
    # Ishay इषय -refresh, strengthen, animate
    # Indh इन्ध-lighting, kindling
    # Ihit ईहित -attempted, desired, wish, request
    # Iksh ईक्ष -seeing, looking, visiting
    # Ikshak/Ixak ईक्षक -spectator, beholder
    # Ikshit/Ixit ईक्षित- beheld, viewed, approved
    ◀ Ikshvaku/Ixavaku ईक्ष्वाकु -bitter gourd, fruit of
    wild species of calabash,It was the name of one
    of ancestors of Lord Ram(राम)
    # Indivar इन्दिवर-blue-lotus
    #Indivaar इन्दिवार-blue-lotus
    #Indivaras इन्दिवरस्-blue-lotus
    # Indivaraksh/Indivarax इन्दिवराक्ष -lotus-eyed. It
    is joining of इन्दिवर+अक्ष .Here अक्ष means eyes
    # Indu इन्दु -moon, periodic changes of the
    moon, time of moonlight (night), bright drop, coin,
    spark, point on a die
    # Indushekhar इन्दुशेखर -moon-crested, lord Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon+ शेखर means crest
    # Indujanak इन्दुजनक-father of moon, ocean. Here
    इन्दु means moon + जनक means father
    # Indra इन्द्र -excellent,first, chief, best (m.)
    god of atmosphere & sky, human soul, King,
    prince, night, regent of east-quarter
    # Indrayudh इन्द्रायुध -Indra’s weapon,
    thunderbolt,rainbow, diamond
    It is joining of इन्द्र+आयुध .Here आयुध means
    # Indravrat इन्द्रवत्-Indra’s rule of conduct, one of
    duties of a king
    # Indratam इन्द्रतम-resembling Indra (इन्द्र के समान)
    # Indrakalp इन्द्रकल्प-resembling Indra
    # Indragupt इन्द्रगुप्त-protected or guarded by
    It is joining of इन्द्र+गुप्त .Here गुप्त means
    # Indrasvat इन्द्रस्वत् -possessed of power,
    accompanied by Indra
    # Indrasunu इन्द्रसूनु -son of Indra, (Jayant ,
    Arjuna), a term used for Arjuna [अर्जुन],Jayant
    [जयन्त] It is a joining of इन्द्र +सूनु .Here सूनु means
    # Indrasut इन्द्रसुत -son of Indra (Jayant, Arjuna).
    It is joining of इन्द्र +सुत .Here सुत means son
    # Indraj इन्द्रज-son of Indra, descended from Indra
    It is joining of इन्द्र+ज .Here ज means son,
    descendant, produced from
    # Indranuj इन्द्रानुज -younger brother of Indra
    Here इन्द्र means lord Indra +अनुज means younger
    # Indravraj इन्द्रावरज -younger brother of Indra
    # Indradhvaj इन्द्रध्वज -Indra’s banner. It is joining
    of इन्द्र+ध्वज .Here ध्वज means banner or flag
    # Indraketu इन्द्रकेतु -Indra’s banner. Here इन्द्र
    means lord Indra +केतु means banner/flag/mark
    # Indranil इन्द्रनील -sapphire
    # Indrot इन्द्रोत -upheld or promoted by Indra

    Meaning of SANSKRIT GIRL NAMES Starting from I
    # Ishana /Eeshana ईशाना- A name of goddess Durga (as wife of Shiva) , Durga as female commander,
    $ Ishani /Eeshani ईशानी- A name of goddess Durga
    (as wife of Shiva). Sometimes it also refers to silk cotton tree, shining
    # Ityaa इत्या- giong, stepping, palanquin
    $ Ikshuja इक्षुजा- produced or coming from
    Here इक्षु means sugarcane +जा means born
    # Ingaa इङ्गा/ इंगा- a manner of counting
    $ Ichhaka इच्छका- desiring.It is feminine form of
    # Ijyaa इज्या- a sacrifice, making offerings to the
    gods or manes, a gift, donation, meeting, a cow, a
    $ Ititi इतिति- the hymn
    # Indambara इन्दम्बरा- the blue lotus
    $ Indivarakshi इन्दीवराक्षी- “lotus eyed”. Here
    इन्दिवर means lotus + अक्षि means eyes
    # Indivarini इन्दीवरिणी- a group of blue lotuses.
    Here इन्दुवर् means blue lotus +इणि means
    assemblage or a group
    $ Indumani इन्दुमणि- “moon-stone”. Here इन्दु
    means moon +मणि means stone
    # Indumukhi इन्दुमुखी- “moon-faced”. Here इन्दु
    means moon +मुखी means faced
    $ Induvadana इन्दुवदना- “Moon faced”. Here इन्दु
    means moon + वदना means face
    # Indragatha इन्द्रगाथा- songs in praise of Indra.
    Here इन्द्र means lord Indra + गाथा means songs
    in praise
    $ Indragopa इन्द्रगोपा- “having lord Indra as
    one’s protector”. Here इन्द्र means Indra + गोपा
    means protected
    ♥ Inuhi इनुहि- to advance upon, to infuse strength,
    to be master of anything, gladden, drive
    $ Inoti इनोति- to advance upon, drive, to be
    master of anything, to take possession of
    # Inimasi इनिमसि- drive, to be master of anything,
    gladden, remove, pervade
    $ Ibhanimilika इभनिमीलिका- smartness, sagacity,
    ◀ Irina इरिना- powerful, a tyrant. It is feminine of
    $ Ishnyaa इषण्या- impulse, instigation
    # Ishikanji इषीकाञ्जि- having stripes like reed
    $ Ishudhi इषुधि- a quiver. Here इषु means arrow +
    धि means collection
    # Ishudhimati इषुधिमती- possessed of a quiver
    $ Ishuvarsha इषुवर्षा- a shower of arrows. Here इषु
    means arrow +वर्षा means showering
    # Ichhaya इच्छाया- according to wish
    $ Ichhanvita इच्छान्विता- wishful
    # Ichhavati/Ichhawati इच्छावती- desirous, wishing. It is
    feminine of इच्छावत्
    $ Ishtavati इष्टवती- possessing a desired object. It
    is feminine of इष्टवत्
    $ Ishira इषिरा- vigorous, flourishing, fresh. It is
    feminine of इषिर
    # Ishtani ईष्टनि- to be worshipped , rustling
    $ Ijana/Ijaana ईजाना- one who has sacrificed. It
    is feminine of ईजान
    ♥ Iyushi इयुषी- one who has gone, one who has
    $ Iyivati ईयिवती- one who has obtained. It is
    derived from word ईयिवत्
    # Ishashakti ईशशक्ति- the personified female
    energy of lord Shiva
    $ Ishvara/Ishwara ईश्वरा- goddess, queen, goddess Durga
    $ Ishvari/Ishwari ईश्वरी -goddess, goddess Durga, godess Lakshmi
    ♥ Injana इञ्जना/इंजना- movement
    ♥ Inani/Inaani इनानी- Vatapattri plant (वटपत्त्री
    का पौधा)
    # Ileshvari/Ileshwari इलेश्वरी- godess of earth, queen of
    earth. Here इला means earth + ईश्वरी means
    godess, queen
    $ Ireshvari/Ireshwari इरेश्वरी- queen of earth. Here इरा
    means earth +ईश्वरी means queen
    @ Ideshvari इडेश्वरी- queen of earth. Here इडा
    means earth + ईश्वरी means queen
    # Ishapriya ईशप्रिया- beloved of god, dear to lord.
    Here ईश means lord, god +प्रिया means dear,
    $ Isheshta ईशेष्टा- dear to lord. Here ईश means
    lord + इष्टा means dear
    � Idasuta इडासुता- daughter of earth, derived or
    born from earth
    @ Irasuta इरासुता- daughter of earth, derived from
    # Ishini ईशिनी- commanding, reigning. It is
    feminine of ईशिन्
    ♥ Ikshuda इक्षुदा- giver of sweetness. It was the
    name of a river. Here इक्षु means sweet,
    sweetness +दा means to give
    ♥Ikshula इक्षुला- bringing sweetness. It was the
    name of a river. Here इक्षु means sweet,
    sweetness +ला means to bring
    @ Ikshulata इक्षुलता- sweet creeper
    # Isati ईसति-(verb) glean, escape, fly away, go,
    look, hurt
    # Ishati ईषति -(verb) hasten near or towards,
    request, desire, fly at
    # Ishika ईषिका/ईषीका -painter’s brush, arrow,
    cane, reed
    # Ishudhi इषुधि -quiver
    # Ishatvaa इष्त्वा -(gerund) having wished
    # Ishatvaa इष्ट्वा -(gerund) having worshipped or
    # Ishavati इषवती -vigorous. It is created
    from “Ishavat”(इषवत)
    $ Ishvayi इषव्यी -girl or female skilled in archery .
    It is created from Ishvay/Ishvaya(इषव्य)
    $ Ishkriti इष्कृति -healing
    ◀ Ishtata इष्टता -desireableness, state of being
    beloved or reverenced
    # Ishudhyaa इषुध्या -imploring, request
    $ Ishtatama इष्टतमा -most desired, beloved,
    $ Ishvaa/Ishwaa इष्वा -offspring
    $ Indrapushpa इन्द्रपुष्पा -flame lily plant
    $ Indrapushpi इन्द्रपुष्पी -flame lily plant
    # Indraa इन्द्रा -queen, best, excellent, queen of
    [It is a term or name used for wife of lord Indra
    (इन्द्र) who is king of paradise]
    # Indrani इन्द्राणी -queen, best, kind of coitus,
    queen of paradise, [ it is a term or name
    used for wife of lord Indra (इन्द्र) who is king of
    It is a name of queen of heaven
    # Indrasena इन्द्रसेना -Indra’s army
    # Indranika इन्द्राणिका -five-leaved chaste tree
    # Indraja इन्द्रजा -descended from Indra, daughter
    of Indra(Jayani/ जयनी) It is joining of इन्द्र + जा,
    Here जा means daughter
    ★ Ilina (ILINA) इलिना -possessing wisdom,
    intelligent. It is the name of one of the daughter
    of ‘Yama’ (यम) in hindu mythology
    ◀ Ilini (ILINI) इलिनी -intelligent, possessing wisdom
    It was the name of the daughter of
    ‘Medhatithi’ (मेधातिथी) in hindu mythology
    # Ilvala(ILVALA)/Ilwala इल्वला -name of five
    stars in Orion’s head
    # Invaka/Inwaka इन्वका -stars in the head of Orion
    # Ilvaka (ILVAKA)/Ilwaka इल्वका -five stars in Orion’s
    # Ilayati (ILAYATI) इलयति -(verb caus.) become
    quiet, keep still, not move
    ◀ Ili (ILI) इली -cudgel, a short sword
    # Ili इलि -a weapon
    # Ila (ILA) इला -earth, flow.It also means speech,
    praise. It is a name of daughter of ‘Manu’ she is
    considered as a godess of sacrifice & worship
    ♥ Ilika (ILIKA) इलिका -earth,
    It also means gut, tendon, nerve
    ◀ Ida इडा-comfort,earth, heaven, cow, libation,
    recreation, animation, speech, godess of speech,
    vital spirit, stream & flow of worship & praise [a
    name of godess of sacrifice and worship]
    # Ida/Eeda ईडा -commendation, praise
    # Idika इडिका-earth
    # Ilasuta इलासुता -daughter of earth (Sita). Here इला means earth + सुता means daughter
    # Ipsa/Eepsa ईप्सा- desire, wish to obtain
    $ Ipsita/Eepsita ईप्सिता- desire, wished, sought after
    � Ipsati ईप्सति- wished, desire
    @ Ihita/Eehita ईहिता- desire, wish to obtain
    # Ihati/Eehati ईहति- take care, wish
    ₩ Iravati/Irawati इरावती- comfortable, satiating,
    refreshment, A name of godess Durga . It is
    feminine form of इरावत्
    @ Idavida इडविडा- a species of she-goat, Name of
    a daughter of Trinabindu(तृणबिन्दु) & mother of
    ♥ Induja इन्दुजा- daughter of moon-god, name of
    river Reva or Narmada. Here इन्दु means moon + जा means daughter
    # Indubha इन्दुभा -a group of lotuses
    $ Ishita/Eeshita ईशिता -one of the eight attributes of lord Shiva, omnipotence, almightiness, supremacy
    # Ishitatvata इषितत्वता – excitement, by impulse or
    ♥ Indira इन्दिरा – beauty, A name of godess
    》Ichha इच्छा -desire, longing
    ★ Isha/Eesha ईशा -dominion, power, faculty
    ▶ Ishesha ईशेशा- power of god, lord’s faculty. Here
    ईश means lord, master + ईशा means power,
    ● Ichhamati इच्छामती- having desires. Here इच्छा
    means desire + मती means one having
    # Ichhavati/Ichhawati इच्छावती- having wishes
    * Ichhita इच्छिता- wished, desired
    ● Ichhata इच्छता -wishfulness
    ■ Ichhanti इच्छंती -Wishing, wishful
    ★ Ichhanvita/Ichhanwita इच्छान्विता -having a
    desire, wishing, wishful.

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