14 Most Unusual Kids Sports in the World

If your child is not fond of basketball as sports, these unusual sports can be what they’ll like to do. It’s hard to think of the sport that your child will eventually love, so you must think of other sports, even the unusual ones for them. The list of 14 sports may be unusual, but they have quirky appeal and still offer fitness benefits, be it physical or not. You’ll never know that maybe, one of these sports will encourage your child to love sports more than ever.

1. Disc Golf

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Disc Golf

If you are fond of golf and would like to try something new with a twist, Disc Golf is here for the rescue. This game is similar to regular golf, but it is played with a Frisbee disc. Players are aiming to get the disc as close as possible into the metal basket. You can play disc golf at several parks with these courses, it is free, and you just need to bring your discs.

2. Quidditch

Most Unusual Kids Sports

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Almost all Harry Potter fans are familiar with this game. This game involves the players to play with the flying broomsticks. Last 2005, College students found ways to adapt this game from the Harry Potter movie. Currently, hundreds of high schools and colleges play this sport and also have their teams.

3. Circus Arts

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Circus Arts

If you are really for an unusual sport for your kid that will help them enhance and develop new skills, you can let your child join the circus art camp or class. Through this, your child can try mind-blowing skills and tricks like; tightwire, trapeze, stilt walking, trampoline tricks, acrobatics, unicycling, and many more!

4. Futsal

Most Unusual Kids Sports- Futsal

Futsal is a type of soccer that two teams play that consist of five players in each team. Unlike the traditional ball used in a soccer game, futsal uses a less bouncy and smaller ball. You need to have quick reflexes in this kind of game, and physical contact is not allowed between the players.

5. Fencing

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Fencing

Does your child has keen reflexes and has a great interest in swordplay? Your child may be interested in playing fencing, an ancient and aristocratic sport. Kids may already start playing at the age of six.

6. Dog sport

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Dog Sport

Do you have a pet? Perhaps a dog? If you want to play with your pup and enhance your skills at the same time–dog sport is there for the rescue. One kind of dog sports is the dog agility that offers you physical activity and can be a way to have bonding time with your pet at the same time.

7. Table tennis

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Table Tennis

If you don’t like expensive tournaments, then table tennis is for you. A tournament in table tennis is inexpensive and develops one’s agility, flexibility and fitness.

8. Archery

Most Unusual Kids Sports - archery

Big thanks to famous movies like Hunger Games and Brave series that inspired many to enjoy Archery. This game may already be a thousand years older than you, but its artistry will never last. Your child will surely enjoy using a bow and an arrow; you can try visiting a range for your child. Lessons already include equipment for rental.

9. Rugby

Most Unusual Kids Sports - rugby

In 2016, Rugby, after its almost a 100-year break, has returned to Summer Olympic Games, which prompts its popularity worldwide. It may still not be that popular among kids in the USA, but that could be changed by the no-contact youth leagues.

10. Field hockey

Most Unusual Kids Sports - field hockey

Your mom might have played this sport when she was younger since it is usually played by women during those times. Surprisingly, even boys are playing it too on co-ed and boys-only teams. Field hockey for men is known globally now and also commonly played outside the US.

11. Synchronized swimming

Most Unusual Kids Sports - synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a challenging sport. If your child likes dancing or gymnastics, then this sport is perfect for your kid.

12. Synchronized skating

Most Unusual Kids Sports - synchronized skating

This sport is good for developing teamwork and also to let your kid experience a team competition. With members up to 20 skaters, they perform intricate patterns and routines to music while skating. It is like synchronized swimming, but this time your pool is frozen and you skate on it.

13. Water polo

Most Unusual Kids Sports - water polo

If you think diving and swimming is too popular, then try the water polo sport. This sport is a mix of volleyball and soccer but in water. It is played as a team, so your kid develops social skills and gains friends. Players get a serious workout for their body because it requires treading water during the whole match without touching the bottom or even the pool’s sides.

14. Surfing

Most Unusual Kids Sports - Surfing

Because of the limitations to places, surfing becomes an unusual sport to play. However, if you, fortunately, live near the ocean, your kid can play with the waves by playing the so-called Sport of the Kings.

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