18 Foods to Effectively Gain Weight

Doctors normally recommend gaining weight for those who have lower-than-normal weight because it can be a cause of health problems.

If a person is underweight, he is prone to different health problems like infertility, developmental delays, poor immune system, osteoporosis, and malnutrition.

Gaining weight might be a struggle but below are the foods that can help you achieve your goal. Not only that, but they can also help build muscle and improve your health wellbeing.

Here are the foods to help you gain weight fast, effectively and safely.

1. Milk

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Milk has a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats. It is also a great source of minerals, calcium, and vitamins.

Study says that after the workout, drinking milk can help to develop muscle effectively than soy-based drinks.

The same study says that skim milk consumption after exercise promotes muscle protein, an essential component to repair any damage caused by the exercise. For those who want to increase their weight, milk can be added to their diet every day. Here are the top 10 health benefits of drinking milk everyday.

2. Yogurt

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Full-fat yogurt can give you nutrients and proteins. Keep yourself away from flavored yogurts and those who have few fat contents, as they always have added sugars. You may add flavor to your yogurt with nuts or fruits.


3. Protein Shakes

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
One food to help you in gaining weight is protein shake; this is more efficient and easy. This shake is more useful to help build the muscles if taken after a workout. On the other hand, it is very important to check the labels carefully before taking it because some premade drinks or shakes contain more sugar and some additives which must be avoided.


4. Rice

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Did you know that rice has 200 calories? Yes, it has and it contains carbohydrates, which helps you to gain weight. Lots of people find it easier to add rice to their meals that contain vegetables and protein.


5. Red Meat

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Limited eating of red meat can help in building muscles and weight gain. Creatine and leucine play an important role in increasing muscle mass and it can be found in steak. Red meats and steak have both fat and protein which help you to gain more weight.

If the person is suggested to limit their consumption, leaner cuts are good for them because it is healthier than fattier one.

A study says that women ages 60-90 who combine lean meat to their diet got to increase their weight by 18% while refusing to do some workout.


6. Whole-grain pastries or bread

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Eating whole-grain bread can also help increase your weight. This bread has complex carbohydrates and some bread have seeds which give additional benefits.


7. Nut butter & Nuts

Nut butter

Eating nuts every day can help a person gain weight effectively and safely. Nuts are considered as a great snack and it can be combined with other meals especially in making a salad. Dry roasted or raw nuts are also known to have health benefits to the body.

Nut butter was made without hydrogenated oils or additional sugar on it. The main ingredients are the nuts alone.

8. Salmon

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
6oz of salmon has 240 calories, it also says that salmon is high in healthy fats, a good source for those who want to increase weight.

Proteins, omega-3 and other nutrients can also be found in salmon.

9. Other starches

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Do you have any idea that starches help other foods that are mentioned above to boost the muscles growth and to increase your weight? Yes, indeed, they give mass to the meals and increase the quantities of calories that are taken.

Here are some foods that are rich in starches: corn, quinoa, potato, beans, buckwheat, oats, squash, winter root vegetables, legumes, sweet potatoes, pasta, whole-grain pastries, healthy cereals, cereal bars
Glucose is the energy giver to the body which also can be found in starches and can be found in the body as glycogen. Research says that glycogen can enhance the performance of a certain person and enhance energy during the workout.

10. Dried Fruits

Have you ever tried eating dried fruits? Dried fruits are high in calories and nutrients too. Having 1 cup dried berries has 130 calories. Lots of people love to eat dried pineapples, apples, cherries and some berries.

11. Avocados

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
We all know that avocados are high in fats, calories, minerals and some vitamins.

12. Dark Chocolate

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Dark chocolate has antioxidants, it is also rich in calorie and fat. It is advised that if a person wants to increase weight he should choose chocolate that contains a cacao substance at least 70%.

13. Cereal bars

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Cereal bars have mineral and vitamins that can be found in cereals. If a person wants to gain weight, she/he should watch for bars that have nuts, fruits and whole grain. Please be reminded to avoid cereal bars that have an excessive quantity of sugar.

14. Whole-wheat cereals

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Most cereals are covered with minerals and vitamins. But some may also contain a lot of sugar and complex carbohydrates and these must be avoided.

Rather, choose cereals that consist of nuts and whole grain because these have a healthy amount of calories and carbohydrates, also antioxidants and fiber.

15. Oils & Fats

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Not all kinds of oil is good for gaining weight. Oils that are obtained from avocados and olives give calories and heart nourishing unsaturated fats to the body. A spoon of olive fat has 120 calories.

16. Eggs

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Eggs are known to be a great source of healthy fats, proteins and some nutrients which can help you in gaining weight. Lots of nutrients can be found in egg yolk.

17. Cheese

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Cheese has a great source of calcium, calories, protein and fats. It is suggested to choose whole fat cheese for those who want to gain weight.

18. Pasta

Foods to Effectively Gain Weight
Pasta is rich in carbohydrates that make you gain more weight. Just keep away from bleached pasta, choose those whole grain ones.


The foods mentioned above can help you gain weight safely and effectively.

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