25 Countries that are Mostly Visited by Tourists

Nowadays, it’s proven that it is more accessible to travel compared before. Tourism has been a major part in the economic growth through the employment of 1/11 and 9% of GDP. Most countries serve as the powerhouse of the economy which made a lot of tourists to visit the countries for business purposes and for others they tend to go to other countries to find adventure and to see the breathtaking scenery. Listed below are 25 countries which are reported to be the utmost tourist spot countries as per UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization‘s) last 2015 report. The numbers are based on the 2014 report. From 25million last 1950 vs. 1.133M last 2014, it has been proven to have a big difference as time goes by. Try and check the 25 Countries that are Mostly Visited by Tourists.

25. Croatia- with 11.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedTo start our 25-list, we’ll start with Croatia, a Mediterranean country which was declared to have 11.6 million tourists last 2014. It is known to have unremarkable coastline and beaches. Due to its natural attraction, Croatia tends to increase their economy, especially during summer since a lot of tourists especially Europeans loved to spend a short trip here during their holidays because it’s cheaper compared to Italy.


24. Singapore- with 11.9 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedSingapore was tagged by Forbes to be the greatest influential city in Asia. East India Company owned Singapore formerly and then has been transferred to the United Kingdom. Singapore still has a great connection between these two powerful colonies. If you’re into business, Singapore is the best place for you. As per Beri, Singapore was known to be the “City with the Best Investment Potential,” and as per World Bank it is “Easiest Place to Do Business.” Most of the tourist here thereof, came along to visit due to business purposes.

23. Hungary- with 12.7 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedWith Hungary’s 12.1 million tourists, it was tagged to be the 23rd in the list. During the time of Eastern Bloc, the land area of the country loses 71% land area and 58% population. Even though they have a miserable history, they tend to have a growing and successful economy. Hungary has known to have the 2nd largest lake (thermal) in the world and it’s tagged to be the common Euro trip.


22. Ukraine- with 12.7 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedUkraine, Europe’s largest country, has been breadbasket globally due to its abundant territory. It has been tagged as the 2nd largest military in Europe specifically last two years when the previous President Viktor Yanukovych had his deposition and in the last 2013 civil war. Although they had a miserable history, it was still ranked 22nd mostly visit country worldwide last 2014.


21. Japan- with 13.4 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedWith greater than 35 million population, Tokyo was included in the biggest metropolitan area. Japan was highly known for its breathtaking nature which is the Mount Fuji and the known Cherry Blossom. It was also tagged as an economic powerhouse and greatest life expectancy worldwide because of numerous people working in the country for business purposes with their utmost advanced technology.


20. The Netherlands- with 13.9 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedApproximately 13.9M of tourist came to the Netherlands in 2014. The country was the 2nd largest agricultural products and food exporter worldwide. The main language of the country is Dutch with Caribbean overseas possessions. The Netherlands was greatly known as the powerhouse of some legal institutions and various court located at Rotterdam (in the huge port in Europe and in the Hague). A lot of people thereof love to visit the country due to its liberal policies in the social issue such us soft drugs, abortion, a marriage of same sex.


19. South Korea- with 14.2 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedFrom the year 1962-1994, South Korea tend to develop rapidly with its fast-growing economy with almost 10% per year. The country has been advancing worldwide most specifically in rights or human, innovation and its economy. An increase of tourists living in Asia was proven because of their pop culture specifically K-Pop.


18. Macao (China)- with 14.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedAccording to MSAR (Macao Special Administrative Region) of PRC (People’s Republic of China), Macau is considered to have the greatest numbers of populations densely worldwide. It is known to be the last country that has been colonized by Europe. Last 1999, Portuguese conceded Macau to China. During the time of Ming Dynasty (1557), the country was leased to Portuguese like a port trading. Recently, Macau was considered to be the 2nd in the Greatest Life Expectancy around the world due to its industry such as gambling. Every year tourists have been increasing by more than 15million.


17. Canada- with 16.5 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedIn the year 1982, Canada gained their full dominance from the United Kingdom. As of today, Canada has been tagged to be the utmost developed economically throughout the globe. The country borders the Pacific, Arctic, and the Atlantic Ocean. Canada has been ranked 2nd globally as a wide-ranging country. It has been proved that the country’s tourism and economy is based on its outstanding scenery and its natural resources.


16. Poland- with 16.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly Visited1980’s later, Poland had its total development after the detachment of U.S.S.R to the country. The country didn’t receive any negative GDP during its crisis financially. In Central Europe, Poland has its position in Prime. Due to their position they had a stormy history nevertheless, they have fully grown significantly. Despite the damage brought by the World War II in the country, Poland had its total refurbishment, rebuild and preserved essential monuments which include the 14 UNESCO World Heritage location. Compare to other destination in Europe it is proven cheaper.


15. Greece- with 22.0 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedGreece as part of the ancient culture had become the crib Western Civilization. It provides tremendous architectural and cultural sites to people of Greece and most especially to tourist. Prior Greece gets unified by Alexander the Great, it became a tourist spot of a combination of city and states. It is believed to have the powerful maritime force and has a breathtaking island, historical monuments, and pristine beaches.


14. Thailand- with 24.8 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedThailand previously called Siam is one of the well-known countries in Southeast Asia (Trail Backpacker). Since 1946 Rama IX or King Bhumibol Adulyadej has been ruling the country. He has become the longest head ruler of the state. Thailand was officially known as an Asian Tiger which has been developed rapidly after 20th century ends. Their agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing make the country grow expeditiously. Millennials who travel the country deeply love Thailand’s beaches and temples and its Visa-free for European countries.


13. Austria- with 25.3 million visitors

Austria is the most well-known country to visit in Europe. The country is full of mountains, and only 1/2 of it is below 500M (10640 ft) above sea level. As per World Bank, Australia is included in the 15 richest countries all over the world. The country is greatly known for its winter ski locations and classical music.

12. Malaysia- with 27.4 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedAccording to history, in 1965 Singapore has been part of the country, Malaysia. Annually the growth percentage is increasing 6.5% every for almost 50 yrs. It is one of the most prosperous and economically stable worldwide. Their natural resources are the reason why they economy bloom and currently they are on the move to build science-based business, finance, and medical tourism.


11. Hongkong- with 27.8 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedHong Kong is the best business hubs all over the globe. Their culture and nature are very much interested to look upon to. It is considered to be one of the ultimate vertical and densest cities worldwide. The countries have its remarkable wide-ranging transit network to over 90% residents. They are also included in the top list for high expectancies all over the world.


10. Mexico- with 29.1 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedLast 1521, Spanish conquered Mexico. Since then, Spanish has been the major language of Mexico. If you’re familiar with Toltec, Zapotec, Aztec, and Maya Civilizations, then you’ll know that the founder of those civilizations is Mexico as per history. Previous civilization and its colonic history give Mexico a great attraction to visit especially the main cultural sites and made Mexico’s tourist bloom every year.


9. Russian Federation- with 29.8 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedRussia is the largest country worldwide. The country had gone through a lot of trials based on history. East Slavs established the country first, Mongols conquered the country, and Moscow’s Grand Duchy rejoined it. Russia was declared to be the 3rd largest empire according to history. In the year 20th Century, it has been seen that the country has economic and cultural growth. In the year 2014, almost 30 million visited the country however due to the rebellion of Russia it tends to decrease.


8. United Kingdom- with 32.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedFor decades, British Culture never stops to impress the world. The United Kingdom, a British culture made it to top 8 for having almost 33 million tourists. London has been known to be Europe’s powerhouse economically and almost contributes half in 33 million tourists. People who visit United is looking forward to the wonderful scenery of Scottish Island’s rugged serenity, Wales’ mountain and meadows, the fierce city of Belfast, Titanic Shipyard’s home, and the astonishing city of London for its culture, museums, and fashion outlets. Here are the Top 10 Things the UK is Famous For.


7. Germany- with 33 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedGermany, Europe’s’ one of the most popular country to be the 2nd popular migrant’s destination after the U.S.A Germany’s history has been fascinating for how years now. It is considered as the Reformation of the Protestant and fabulous churches including the church in Berlin and Cologne. Germany has aslo become the leader for counter-culture, technology, and industry.


6. Turkey- with 39.8 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedIstanbul City, located in Turkey is bordered by two continents, the Middles East and Europe, with more than 14.4 million population. The crossroads-of-the-world has been seen by almost 10 million tourists and another 30 million tourists visit the Myriad of World Heritage Sites like Troy, Cappadocia, and 2 of the 7 wonders of World (Ancient).


5. Italy- with 48.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedItaly is the most loved destination of almost 48.6million tourists because of its culinary expertise, dramatic and huge coastline, climate temperature, and 51 unbelievable Archeological/Heritage sites. With fragmented experienced in history after World War 2, Italy has been invaded and conquered many years ago as per history. Modern Southern Italy (Italian Diaspora) thereof has become a great impact in Italy’s culture.


4. China- with 55.6 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedChina with no doubt is included in the top 10 on our list. In terms of the civilization of human, China has been the original crib and has known to be the powerhouse of the most popular country throughout the globe with over 1.35 B inhabitants. For almost 2000 years, the country has been tagged to have the most complicated economy because of its repetitive history of decline and prosperity. Surely China will increase the 55.76 million tourists annually in the future.


3. Spain- with 65 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedSpain was ranked 3rd on our list because of 65M visitors it bought last year. The country is bordered by two oceans, the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. Its tourist was basically coming from its position in Latin America as the trade hub primarily in Europe and from its previous conquerors.


2. The United States- with 74.8 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedIt’s unbelievable that United came number 2 to our list when we thought the country will always be number 1 last 2014, it had received 75M visitors. According to GDP (real and nominal), the most enormous in the economy is America because of tourist spending in the USA, the country had received $177.2 B as compared to Spain who only received $65.2 B.


1. France- with 83.7 million visitors

Countries Mostly VisitedFrance had received 83.7 million tourists making the country to be placed in # 1 spot. According to history, the country is known to be the 2nd biggest colonial empire which makes a lot of territory and countries have close relation worldwide. The tourists tend to visit the country’s coastal resort, some small villages, and some luxurious wine field.

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