4 Incredibly Weird But Healthy Fruits

The world is filled with incredible wonders that can be pretty beneficial to your health. Sure, an apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away but these fruits have incredibly awesome healthy benefits that may have you running out your door and into supermarkets all over. We present to you 4 Incredibly Weird But Healthy Fruits.

Most of the fruits featured in this list are native to other countries and some of them may be super difficult to locate. There have been plenty of studies over the years, which revealed these healthy and somewhat tasty treats.

Oranges are perfect ways to get vitamin C and blueberries are high in antioxidants but what about super fruits that could help prevent cancer or even serve as a supplement to the treatment of it? There is also the battle with maintaining a healthy weight that plenty of people struggle with and this list of 4 Incredibly Weird But Healthy Fruits has a couple of options that could make it much easier to maintain a healthy weight.

4 Incredibly Weird But Healthy Fruits

4. Bitter Melon

The bitter melon is a cross between a vegetable and fruit. In most cases it is used in food dishes because as the name reveals, it is extremely bitter. This crossover fruit has been known to be great for dieting, to help treat type II diabetes, help to break down kidney stones, boost your immune system, fight and starve cancerous cells. To say it’s a super fruit would be a bit of an understatement.

Healthy Fruits

3. Star Fruit

The star fruit is super tasty and tropical. Unlike the bitter melon, the star fruit is much more pleasant to enjoy however, it also features a self-explanatory name. This weird looking fruit is great for a low calorie treat, a super high source of vitamin C, B-complex and like plenty of juicy fruits out there, it is high in antioxidants.

Healthy Fruits

2. Pomelo

Do you enjoy the tartness of a grapefruit but find it a bit bitter? Well, if that’s the case you may want to try a pomelo. These awesome fruits have the taste of consistency of a grapefruit, orange and tangerine all in one. It’s great for fighting cancer, it is also known to help burn fat, fight colds and flus, maintain a healthy heart and is also great for healing purposes due to its super high vitamin C count.

Healthy Fruits

1. Soursop

The soursop may be one of the weirdest and lesser known fruits on our list. It is a super pulpy fruit that has a sweet and sour taste. It has been rumored that it is a clear alternative to chemotherapy when treating cancer. The soursop fruit will also help treat gout, back pain and a short list of skin conditions including eczema.

Healthy Fruits


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