5 Amazing Anderson Paak Songs

In just a couple of years, Anderson Paak has become one of the most incredibly musical talents. Paak bridges the gap between Hip-Hop and Soul in a magnificent way. So, we decided to bring you 5 Amazing Anderson Paak Songs to celebrate some of his incredible hits early on in his career.

Anderson Paak Songs

Paak started out as a featured artists for plenty of renowned artists such as Kendrick Lamar. He later on branched out and became an artist of the highest caliber. He has a distinct voice that spills soul through your ears.

Paak was a part of the XXL Freshman Class which featured a majority of rappers. He proved that he could step up in multiple genres and earn the respect his talent deserves. So, if you’re ready for some awesome music, check out our list of 5 Amazing Anderson Paak Songs below.

5 Amazing Anderson Paak Songs

5. “Drugs”

“Drugs” is one of Paak’s earlier tracks, featured on his 2014 album Venice. It was more about his lyrical ability as the track contained a heavy hip-hop vibe. You will be able to see the growth as the list progresses.

4. “Might Be”

“Might Be” is also featured on Venice and is a smooth and jazzy track. It’s a perfect way to showcase the contrasts in the tracks featured on the same album.

3. “Milk n’ Honey”

“Milk n’ Honey” finds Paak speaking about a woman who seems to be after his money. It’s a pretty interesting and has a sinister beat.

2. “Am I Wrong”

“Am I Wrong” is a half soul and half hip-hop track. The song contains a funky beat and we dare you to tell us you didn’t start tapping your feet just from the production alone.

1. “Come Down”

“Come Down” is Anderson Paak’s most popular song. The track is featured on his 2016 album Malibu and is quite catchy. You won’t be able to get enough of this track.

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