5 Awesome Donald Glover Moments

Some know him as Childish Gambino and some know him as Donald Glover. In either name, the word talent should follow. We’re bringing you 5 Awesome Donald Glover Moments including some hilarious Golden Globe 2017 quotes.

Donald Glover Moments

Who is Donald Glover? Well, he happens to have writing credits on one of the most successful shows ever. Yep, Donald Glover was a part of the writing team for 30 Rock. He is also the creator of the hit FX show Atlanta, that took home a couple of 2017 Golden Globes.

Glover is an incredibly talented, writer, comedian, actor and of course, musician. Over the years he has excelled in all of these roles in a remarkable manner and continues to do so with every project he puts his fingers on. So check out our list of 5 Awesome Donald Glover Moments below as we celebrate his talent.

5 Awesome Donald Glover Moments

5. Donald Glover Tells Jimmy Fallon About His First Hiking Trip

During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Glover sat down with the host to chat about what he’d been up to. Glover continued to chat about his first hiking experience in which a dog actually bit his butt.

4. Donald Glover’s Impromptu Collaboration With Reggie Watts

With his upcoming album on the way at the time of the interview, Glover’s Late Late Show With James Corden interview turned into an impromptu collaboration with Reggie Watts. It was brilliant and had the entire stage dancing along, including NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson.

3. Donald Glover Encourages Us All To Find The Human Magic

In his backstage speech to the press, Donald Glover continued to expand upon the importance of human magic. The bulk of the human magic speech comes towards the end of the video below, around the 5:45 minute mark.

2. Donald Glover’s Hilarious Promo For Atlanta

Glover released a couple of awesome promos for Atlanta and they featured this signature walk. The swagger in the videos were undeniable and the show was even more incredible.

1. Donald Glover Shouts Out The Migos At The Golden Globes

Donald Glover shouts out one of Atlanta’s hottest rap groups The Migos. Glover can’t get enough of their song, “Bad and Boujee.” Glover would later on call the group “The Beatles of this generation.”

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