5 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs From ‘Untitled Unmastered’

Kendrick Lamar surprised fans on March 4, 2016 with the release of his album Untitled Unmastered. The album was instantly critiqued and revered to be one of Lamar’s best projects to date. Everyone from Lebron James to President Barack Obama have praised Lamar for his lyrical ability which was at an all time high on the Unmastered Untitled album. We created a list of the 5 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs from Untitled Unmastered to highlight what we thought were some of the best works of art on the project.

The album only boasts 8 tracks, but out of the 8 there are 5 that really stand out as some of the best music of 2016 to date. Lamar displayed his confidence all over these tracks and made it clear that his agenda falls along the lines of educating the youth on the current trials and tribulations that plague minorities in the United States.

While the album is highly political, it also features some pretty catchy lines and beats to captivate the audience as he then delivers his message in a way only the youth would understand. You can check out our breakdown of them below in the 5 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs from Untitled Unmastered.

5. Untitled 01 | 8.19.2014

Untitled 01 got fans acclimated for what they were about to hear on the album and features a smooth introductory piece that seemed seductive as well. In the song Lamar highlights some of the vices he witnessed while growing up. He uses his fast paced delivery and an aggressive tone which fans will very much appreciate. It was a great way for Lamar to open the album in an explosive manner.


4. Untitled 03 | 5.28.2013

On Untitled 03, Lamar lets loose with more fast paced delivery however, the beat is much jazzier and resembles something off of his Section.80 album. He addresses the different beliefs from an assortment of ethnic groups including, Black, White and Asians. It’s a brave and eye-opening way for each group to see their own hypocrisies.


3. Untitled 05 | 9.21.2014

Untitled 05 is one of the most soothing sounds you will hear on the album. Despite the soothing nature of the beat, Lamar manages to paint a painful picture with his lyrics. It’s one of a many who is struggling to get past his vices and make sense of what justice really is, all while putting the listener in the mind of a murderer.



2. Untitled 07 | 2014-2016

From the title of this track you immediately realize that it was a constant work of art between 2014-2016. The spectacular trap-like production on the songs advises the listener to rise above hate and the many other vices we face in life to reach the greatest high ever. It’s a cleverly done track as the message is a bit biblical over a more sinister beat. The repetition of the word levitate has also gotten pretty popular among the celebrity circuit. There is also a jazzy cool down towards the end which almost acts as a musical palette cleanser.


1. Untitled 02 | 6.23.2014

Untitled 02 might be the most popular track on the entire Untitled Unmastered album. It’s another balance between heavy/sinister trap beats with a deeper message. The phrase “get top on the phone” has also become widely used in social media as an indicator that whoever is using it is most likely listening to the track.


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