5 Chocolate Bars That Will Never Get Old

There are five chocolate bars that will never get old in our opinion and we thought we would celebrate them by listing them out with a couple of interesting facts. So, we bring you our list of 5 Chocolate Bars That Will Never Get Old.

Candy is amazing and brings the majority of children and adults happiness. Sweet and sugary treats may be frowned upon by dentists, however, there is something just wonderful about biting into an awesome candy bar.

Everyone has their preference of candy and for this purpose we are focusing on chocolate, though some of the bars may contain other tasty ingredients like caramel, peanuts or nougat. We’re sure a couple of these bars would make your list as well. If we didn’t include one that you personally love, let us know in the comments section below. Check out our 5 Chocolate Bars That Will Never Get Old list below.

5 Chocolate Bars That Will Never Get Old

5. Kit-Kat

The Kit-Kat bar is pretty unique in that it is broken down into four single bars. If you’re a civilized human being, you’ll break down the individual parts and eat the treat in a normal manner. However, if you’re insane you’ll bite right into the bar.

Chocolate Bars

4. Three Musketeers 

The Three Musketeers bar is super delicious with the light and fluffy chocolate center and chocolate coating. The center is actually a chocolate infused nougat and it’s pretty much a candy lover’s dream.

Chocolate Bars

3. Milky Way

The Milky Way bar is somewhat close to the Three Musketeers bar, however, it adds a layer of caramel for differentiation. It also has the light chocolate nougat center and is just downright delicious.

Chocolate Bars

2. Hershey’s Bar

The Hershey’s bar is pretty simple and very easy to eat with the square sections. That being said, it is included on our list of candy bars that will never get old because of it’s use as an ingredient in a s’mores. S’mores are a heavenly concoction of ingredients but without a Hershey’s chocolate bar it’s just not the same.

Chocolate Bars

1. Snickers

Snickers, Snickers, Snickers. We can’t get enough of Snickers bars. From the classic wrapper to the perfect blend of nougat, chocolate, peanuts and caramel, there is just no doubting the timeless nature of a Snickers bar.

Chocolate Bars

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