5 Desk Station Setups You Should Try

The ultimate office desk in your space is something that every professional strives for. There are plenty of ways you can arrange your desk station setups but we’ve found five awesome ones. So, check out our list of 5 Desk Station Setups You Should Try.

Why is it awesome to have a cool desk station setup? Well for starters it will be very visually appealing for others who check out your space. However, the most important reason we can think of is overall comfort.

No one wants to have a crowded desk space or a boring station. This is especially true because you spend most of your day in that one place. If you want to rid yourself from feeling bored, a cool desk station may be one of the keys to doing so.

If you’re interested in trying out a new desk station setup check out our 5 Desk Station Setups You Should Try list below.

5 Desk Station Setups You Should Try

5. Dual Monitor

The classic dual monitor setup is pretty awesome when you have a regular cpu. It’s pretty useful if you have to use multiple windows while you work and looks pretty cool side-by-side.

Desk Station Setups

4. Laptop Single Monitor

If you don’t have two monitors but use a laptop for work. Getting a second monitor with an HDMI port could be very useful. It gives you the feel of a dual monitor setup while using your laptop as the home base.

Desk Station Setups

3. Four-Screen Theater Setup

The four-screen theater setup is pretty epic. You’ll find that a gamer may have this setup because it increases the display. You can also toggle between the four monitors and have multiple pages open at all times.

Desk Station Setups

2. Big Screen Fun

One big screen can make all of the difference. Sure the view will be awesome, however, you can also use this giant screen for a game or movie break during lunchtime.

Desk Station Setups

1. Triple Screen Heaven

Triple-screens pretty much work like any of the aforementioned setups. We’d like to think that this is one of best setups because you can work off of two screens and maybe have a movie going on the third. There is plenty of flexibility with all of these setups so it’s all personal preference.

Desk Station Setups

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