5 Female Artists With Mystical Music

Music can take you to plenty of different places. Often times there are some artists that captivate you. We decided to bring you some of them in our list of 5 Female Artists With Mystical Music. Prepare to have yourself whisked away with mystical images.

Female Artists

A couple of these artists may be familiar to you while others may be new. We tend to strive for introducing people to new things, whether it be an artist, food or article of clothing. New discoveries make for new adventures.

The artists in the list below contain distinct voices. They vary in genre for the most part but each have that mystical aspect in their music. This is what makes our list of 5 Female Artists With Mystical Music so special. Check out the list below and let us know if you enjoy these acts.

5 Female Artists With Mystical Music


Not only does AURORA have an incredible voice. Her music seems to give you images of vast landscapes both dark and light. It’s that balance that gives her music the air of mysticism we enjoy. Hopefully you will too.

4. Daughter

For a woodsy and rustic sound with plenty of feeling and emotion, look no further than Daughter. This group will melt your soul. The deep lyrics both soothe your mind, while making it wonder. The airy acoustic feel is just downright beautiful.

3. SZA

SZA is a hard artist to generate a genre from. Sometimes she walks very naturally on the R&B line while at other times, has an alternative tinge with plenty of mysticism. There a few tracks in particular where she shines even brighter, such as the one below.

2. Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes walks the line between music that gets quite spooky and haunting and music that helps you drift away. Both her haunting pieces and melancholic pieces are soothing and such easy listens.

1. Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap‘s breathy moments mixed with her incredible falsettos are intense yet calming. Like the rest of the women on this list, Imogen Heap’s music relaxes you. There is no getting around her talent.

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