5 Most Fun Types of Pasta Noodles

When it comes to pasta, they shapes and thickness of the noodles are endless. We wanted to focus on the 5 Most Fun Types of Pasta Noodles because food shouldn’t be boring and pasta is delicious!

Adults and kids love pasta for the comforting effect it has when you enjoy it. When you factor in some zany shapes that are designed to trap every drop of sauce. It’s especially true for kids who definitely enjoy having fun with their food.

Today, you can find pasta in plenty of different colors and shapes and it was definitely hard for us to narrow it down for you. There is no doubt that you’ll love the noodles we chose and you’re sure to be running to the grocery store for pasta night after checking it out. Check out our list of the 5 Most Fun Types of Pasta Noodles below.

5 Most Fun Types of Pasta Noodles

5. Pappardelle

Pasta Noodles

It may seem strange that we included such a seemingly bland noodle to the list. The truth is, this is definitely a fun noodle to prepare and eat. The giant rubber band-like quality of this noodle makes it wacky and fun to eat.

4. Orecchiette

Pasta Noodles

Orecchiette is not only a fun, hard to pronounce name, it’s also a cute one. The noodle is just as cute and fun as its name and the little dimple totally traps the perfect amount of sauce. This noodle is also really easy to eat making it a no-brainer for the pantry.

3. Ravioli

Pasta Noodles

Ravioli is a classic and people love saying the name. There is nothing better than a pasta that is already stuffed with an incredible filling then given a heavy helping of sauce to go with it.

2. Campanelle

Pasta Noodles

Campanelle is one of the quirkiest designs in the noodle world. It’s beautiful given the blooming, flower-like look. This enables it to perfectly trap the sauce that it is nestled in and there is no debating just how fun it is to look at.

1. Bowtie

Pasta Noodles

Last an certainly not least is the bowtie pasta noodles. This one is heavily self-explanatory in our opinion. Who doesn’t love seeing these awesome pinched pieces of pasta in their bowl?

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