5 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

Over the years, the hip-hop community has seen plenty of incredible talent on the lyrical end. However, the production end has just as much talent. We decided to name our 5 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers which was super hard considering all of the talent in the industry.

The production on a hip-hop track is a key. In some instances, production has made or broken a song. There are also plenty of artists who have a simplified flow and cadence. These artists need major production in order to create a catchy tune.

Of course, no artist would actually own up to this fact. However, if you’re a listener and hip-hop connoisseur, chances are you know for a fact that some songs wouldn’t be hot without a dope beat. Check out our list of the 5 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers below and let us know who you would put in your top 5.

5 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

5. Kanye West

Kanye West is a creative genius who knows how to spin samples like no one’s business. West manages to transform classic songs with another layer that brings it into a new generation. He’s produced some incredible tracks for himself, as well as other artists like Jay Z.

Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

4. DJ Premier

DJ Premier is an underground master who also jumps into main stream from time to time. Being that he is a veteran in the music business, he knows the ins and outs of beat making and mixing.

Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

3. J Dilla

Detroits J Dilla was one of the greatest producers of all time. He had a little bit of everything in his arsenal and though he is no longer with us, his tracks and beats are still fan favorites to this day.

Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

2. Pharrell Williams/The Neptunes

When Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes stepped on to the scene, they brought with them a love for instruments and arrangements. They were able to create some timeless music with other artists and under their own band. They have countless amounts of number 1 hits and that is for good reason.

Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

1. Timbaland

Timbaland is another hip-hop veteran in the production game. He may have the most number ones on this list and has contributed to genres outside of hip-hop. His versatility but willingness to blend new sounds in his production is second-to-none. There is absolutely no denying how great of a talent he really is.

Greatest Hip-Hop Producers

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