5 Health Benefits of A Beautiful Smile

It looks good to see someone’s smile but did you know that a smile is also good for your health and wellbeing?

It can significantly affect a person’s mood, confidence life perception. A beautiful smile can have a good impact to the body and mind too. Below are the 5 health benefits of a beautiful smile.

1. A smile lessens anxiety.

Reasons why you should wear a smile - A smile lessens anxiety

A smile is a powerful weapon that you can wear everyday. A study was made to people under stressful environment and they were divided into two: the smiling and the non-smiling. Results showed that the smiling group had lower heart rates than non-smiling group.

Are you feeling anxious? Try to wear that smile and see how it can make you feel better!

2. A smile increases productivity.

Reasons why you should wear a smile - A smile increases productivity

In 2010, a team of economic researchers discovered that happiness contributes to productivity in a workplace, while negative emotions can cause the opposite. So next time you go to work, bring that smile with you.

3. A smile lets your creative juices flow.

Reasons why you should wear a smile - A smile lets your creative juices flow

According to a study in 2013, men who were happier were able to face problems easier, able to find solutions under crucial situations and deal things much better than those with negative-minded ones. This has a significant connection with a neurotransmitter, called dopamine, which can be triggered by happiness. Dopamine has a big part with processing and with decision making. It can help you get your goals with overflowing creative juices.

4. A smile develops confidence.

Reasons why you should wear a smile - A smile develops confidence

A nice, beautiful smile develops and improves confidence. Get an appointment to your local dentist and seek advice on how you can achieve a beautiful smile. There are some procedures like teeth whitening, composite fillings or ortho treatment if necessary.

5. A smile lessens pain.

Reasons why you should wear a smile - A smile lessens pain

Do you believe that smiling and laughter can lessen any pain? This is because of the natural pain killer endorphins that are being released when you are happy. The more you smile, the more you kill the stress hormones in you!

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