5 Inspirational Golden Buzzer Moments From America’s Got Talent

It certainly isn’t hard to tell talent when it’s so raw and natural. We decided to highlight 5 Inspirational Golden Buzzer Moments From America’s Got Talent.

Golden Buzzer Moments

America’s Got Talent implemented the Golden Buzzer for those who completely demolish the expectations of the judges. The acts in the list below show that no matter what color, age, health situation you’ve overcome, you can still have your dreams come true.

These judges saw something so special in these performers proving you don’t have to be an expert to judge talent. As for viewers, they get to witness something incredibly special. These performances inspire them to keep their dreams alive and never ever let anyone tell them they can’t do something.

Check out our list of 5 Inspirational Golden Buzzer Moments From America’s Got Talent below.

5 Inspirational Golden Buzzer Moments From America’s Got Talent

5. Jayna Brown

Jayna Brown’s Golden Buzzer was an extra special one. She stood on stage in front of the AGT judges and special guest judge Louis Tomlinson. She seemed to have a crush on the One Direction member and was quite nervous. However, she shocked the judges and Tomlinson with her voice. See who pushed the golden buzzer below.

4. Laura Bretan

One of the youngest contestants to grace the America’s Got Talent stage seemed to be in awe of the experience. A genuine and sweet little soul who wasn’t used to bright lights blossomed. Bretan already knew she was up against some harsh criticism but she blew them away!

3. Calysta Bevier

Caylsta Bevier’s story was one of strength and courage. After battling cancer, Bevier took the song that got her through it all and turned it into her own anthem. Bevier shocked everyone in the best way possible. See who made her Golden Buzzer Moment come true below.

2. Sal Valentinetti

Sal Valentinetti broke all the stereotypes you’d ever have about a Golden Buzzer recipient. He did it his way and earned the adoration of Heidi Klum along the way. We’re guessing you can tell who made his Golden Buzzer Moment come true.

1. Grace VanderWaal

Little Grace VanderWaal became a viral sensation with her original song. After she shocked the judges, the video of her performance was shared over and over again on social media. Check out Grace VanderWaal’s incredible performance below.

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