5 Interesting Things About Crocodiles that Will Surprise You

Crocodiles might be known to be the most powerful animals on planet earth, but they are as fascinating as they’re fearsome.

Below are the five interesting things about crocodiles that will surely surprise you:

1. Crocodiles don’t have X & Y chromosomes

 Interesting Things About Crocodiles - crocodiles dont have x and y chromosomes

Are you aware that crocodiles have no chromosomes for sex-defining at the beginning of their life to distinguish if they’re female or male?

Their sexuality is determined by the temperature after the incubation of eggs and determined by nature. Scientifically proven, high & low temperature produces females while for males, it’s intermediate temperature.

2. Crocodile have their reason for sunbaking

 Interesting Things About Crocodiles - crocodiles have their reason for sunbaking

If you see crocs on the river’s side and sunbaking, these crocs are not only working because of their tan. Crocs are well known to be ectothermic, and for them to control the temperature of their body, they need to do sunbaking like any other reptiles. If you think you’re fickle in your office air-conditioning, try to be a croc, the maintenance of their body is 28 C to 32 C.

3. The crocodile’s bark is not as big as their bite

 Interesting Things About Crocodiles - the crocodile bark is not as big as their bite

If the Saltwater Crocodiles are not bitey, they’re nothing. The bite of saltwater crocodile is the hardest compared to other animals. Among any animal, the saltwater crocodiles bite the hardest and can crush up to 3700 PSI/ pounds per square inch. This makes them 4x more powerful compared to the well-known king of the jungle.

When a croc holds on the crocodiles, with their literal steel jaws, the fight is no longer fair. They have 64 teeth and are being replaced and updated constantly with a sharper and fresher set like the weapons in evolution to ensure they are fit for fighting.

4. Which one comes first? The egg or the crocodile?

 Interesting Things About Crocodiles - which one comes first

Saltwater Crocodiles can lay as much as 60 to 70 eggs in one nest. Their volume is a calculated one, and the rate for survival is below 1%. If you thought having face-face to crocs isn’t that scary, as per experience, messing out a croc mother is a thing you shouldn’t do. These crocs are indeed territorial in their nesting, and also help their babies to escape their shells by crushing it gently using their strong jaws.

5. In the Olympics, crocodiles can win gold

 Interesting Things About Crocodiles

Crocodiles are not only speedy inside and outside of the water. Like other serious athletes, they’re supported by their lung capacity.

In favor of evolution, crocs are born for hunting. Their heart rate can be reduced to 2 to 3 beats/min, and on their breath, they can keep submerged for along time. If a human record can hold their breath underwater for 22 mins, an Australian Freshwater Crocodile can make it to six hours without any problem.

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