5 Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

The jean jacket can be a pretty confusing item of outerwear in your closet. However, many may not be aware of the fact that it is one of the most versatile pieces you can own. We decided to created a list of 5 Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas You’ll Love, just incase you have one collecting dust in your closet.

What we love about jean jackets is that they pretty much work in all seasons. They can be paired with almost anything and allow for plenty of flexibility in your style. It’s an easy go-to piece that for the most part, is a pretty inexpensive option.

You definitely have to have an imagination and a visual when it comes to putting a jean jacket outfit together. Hopefully, our list of 5 Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas You’ll Love will provide the perfect visual the next time you’re incorporating a jean jacket in your outfit.

5 Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

5. No Blazer Necessary

If you’re going to be out on the town for a night of fun, you don’t need to throw on a bulky blazer. The jean jacket is a more comfortable option and can be paired with a shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes. In some cases, it’s also a warmer option for sure.

jean jacket

4. With Joggers

Jean jackets and joggers are a match made in heaven. It’s comfort on top and on the bottom. The shortness of a jean jacket lends itself well to joggers than can either be pulled up to capri-length, or left down.

jean jacket

3. Jean On Jean

Wearing a jean jacket with jeans is often frowned upon by many but the truth is, it just looks too good to pass up at times. What’s normally referred to as a “Canadian tuxedo” is a double up on the denim. If done in a minimal manner, no one will ever notice.

jean jacket

2. Hoodies and Layering

Throwing a jean jacket over a thin hoodie with a tee shirt underneath is an easy look that doesn’t require much imagination. Pair this with some chinos or joggers and you’re a model of casual fashion with ease.

jean jacket

1. Shorts, Yes, Shorts

It is possible to sport a jean jacket with shorts and make it look good. We would advise you to go with a slimmer cut of shorts for a more uniformed look. Sometimes you need a little jacket to fend off the chill of air.

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