5 Mens Eyeglass Styles That Are Totally In

Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses whether you need it or not can be a pretty challenging decision. Eyeglasses are totally being used as something super stylish and people who don’t even need them have been purchasing snazzy pairs. So we decided to pick out 5 Mens Eyeglass Styles That Are Totally In.

Eyeglasses happen to be an easy way to develop a distinct look for yourself. There are plenty of frames out there that can enhance your facial features and at some points, you can even hide the facial features that you don’t want others to notice.

Having said that, we want to make it understood that you should definitely embrace everything about yourself. If getting a pair of awesome glasses helps you feel better for you, then that’s what we suggest. However, if you want to grab a pair for negative reasons, don’t do it. You’re already awesome! Check out our list of 5 Mens Eyeglass Styles That Are Totally In below.

5 Mens Eyeglass Styles That Are Totally In

5. Round

Rounder frames kind of give of the Harry Potter feel, however, they actually look pretty great on the right person. If you have an oval or square shaped face these are probably going to be on the recommendation list. They are plenty stylish and if you like having frames that are super popular, these would fit you well.

Mens Eyeglass Styles

4. Clubmaster

The Clubmaster is a classic style and the name has been coined by Ray-Ban who makes this style a specialty of theirs. If you want to put together a more elegant and classic look, the Clubmaster style is the way to go. These are perfect for semi-formal and formal occasions. Plenty of everyday wearers manage to pull this off with regular outfits as well. So, don’t be afraid to try these.

Mens Eyeglass Styles

3. Rimless Square Frames

The rimless square frame isn’t for everyone but they come in a range of sizes which makes it easier for you to choose. These kid of go under the radar and they allow for a very versatile pair of eyeglasses. You never have to worry about your outfit with these eyeglasses.

Mens Eyeglass Styles

2. Rectangle Frames

Rectangle frames come in a range of sizes and the thickness of the frame are really stylish. For bolder looks, the solid black frames work really well. Some frames have a slightly translucent style that adds balance between standing out and subtly pulling the look off.

Mens Eyeglass Styles

1. Wayfarers

The Wayfarers are mostly related to a sunglass style. However, the overall shape is also mimicked for some eye-glass styles. Rather than a full on rectangle frame, the subtle winged look appears on certain styles and is probably one of the most popular styles to date.

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