5 Most Athletic Dog Breeds

You might think that your Scottish Terrier is an extraordinary tugger, or your Poodle tops up when it comes to fetching. However, does your dog take credit as the most athletic breed of all?

Here’s a list of 5 most athletic dog breeds. Check out if your dog is one of them!

5. Greyhound

Most Athletic Dog Breeds

The Greyhound has been timed running as quick as 44 miles per hour. For the record, she’s the fastest of all breeds. This kind of breed easily gets tired. She is also often called a 40-mph couch potato because once she’s exhausted, she usually spends the whole day on the sofa, cuddling with her most-loved people.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

Most Athletic Dog Breeds

The Jack Russell Terrier is born to be a contender who has the passion for terrier races, alertness competitions and Earthdog tests. He is extremely energetic, extremely bright and inborn to dig. He always gives his best shot at every job that is given to him and was bred for vigorous work. You’ll want to keep him busy all the time because when he’s bored, all his strength might lead to a catastrophic routine.

3. Labrador Retriever

Most Athletic Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever is a popular breed in the United States. She is completely flexible, hunter expert, search and service breed, rescuer and a contender in some of the canine sports like agility and dock diving. Physically and mentally, she always wants to use her energy. Her boredom can lead to destructions at your home so you better keep her busy like the JRT.

2. Australian Shepherd

Most Athletic Dog Breeds

He’s the brightest of all breeds. You might actually feel he’s more clever than you are. The Aussie breed usually loves nature and make you feel exceptional. This breed is often concentrated, dedicated and very active and tough. He was born to be industrious and a diligent breed who can hook to an hour-long run with peace of mind. He is normally advance in some dog tournament like tracking, flyball and obedience.

1.  Border Collie

Most Athletic Dog Breeds

The Border Collie is an unbelievable herdsman, apparent to direct sheep simply by commanding her will. Flying, disc games, obedience, tracking and agility? Not a problem! If you throw anything on her way, she is a grasp expert and she can handle it anyway. She’s known to be a genius. And when you add her athletic expertise and speedy virtue, it will surely sum up to a canine competitor.

Are you having second thoughts? Do you acknowledge all these five on the list? If you disagree, what breed would you like to be off the list and with what breed would you like to replace them?

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