5 Most Common Phobias: What Scares You??

Are you terrified of snakes, spiders or even of dangerous dogs? You are not alone!   Though there are many types of phobias, here are the 5 most common phobias that people usually have.

When you’re afraid of something, particularly when that fear is irrational, it is referred to as a “phobia.”  Often the best way to overcome phobias is to challenge yourself to address your fear.  If you’re scared of the water, sometimes called Aquaphobia, why don’t you learn how to swim and show the world, and more importantly, yourself, that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Without further ado, here are the 5 Most Common Phobias.

1. Arachnophobia

Most Common Phobias

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. 10% of male and 50% of female have this kind of phobia.


2. Social Phobia

Most Common Phobias

This kind of phobia commonly starts in childhood and approximately 3.5 million of Americans have this. Social phobia or social anxiety is the fear of social situations. Having this may cause a person to withdraw himself from interacting with the public because of his fear of being humiliated.


3. Aerophobia

Most Common Phobias
Fear of flying or aerophobia can significantly affect one’s quality of life. Delays on flights may worsen the fear of flying. It is sometimes associated with other phobias like claustrophobia, social phobia or fear of heights.


4. Agoraphobia

Most Common Phobias
This includes extreme fright and escapism from any place or situation wherein getting away must be hard or assistance is unavailable in the emerge of panic-like situation. Basically, 3.5 million of Americans have this phobia.


5. Claustrophobia

Most Common Phobias
Claustrophobia is the fear of being confined to tiny or small spaces and not able to escape. It is classified as an anxiety disorder that commonly results in panic attacks.


Do you have certain fears in your life? How were you able to overcome them?

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