5 Must Visit Beaches In California

There is nothing like relaxing on a nice beach to bring you some tranquility. There’s also surfing, volleyball and a mess of other things to keep you entertained. The West Coast happens to have some of the best spots for all of the above so we decided to bring you 5 Must Visit Beaches In California.

Getting enough rest is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean is quite relaxing and the beaches in our list will hopefully help you get as much R&R as possible.

If you’re looking for excitement, don’t fret some of these beaches have enough surf and carnival-esque rides and food to make you as happy as possible. We’ve got just enough of everything to make you happy so be sure to check out our list of 5 Must Visit Beaches In California below.

5 Must Visit Beaches In California

5. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a balanced setting providing areas of relaxation with plenty of party scenes spread out. The area is also pretty famous for its graffiti so there’s an added incentive for those street art lovers out there.


4. La Jolla Beach, San Diego

La Jolla Beach in San Diego, California also provides a nice little escape. While you can’t enjoy alcoholic beverages or cigarettes on the beach, there are plenty of other ways to have fun. Especially the exceptional surf and bon fires.


3. Newport Beach

Newport Beach is definitely on the more relaxing side. There are plenty of private areas and if you really want to have some fun you’ll have to get the surf boards out here as well.


PhotoCred:Bert Kaufmann

2. Malibu

Malibu joins Newport as an little more of a tranquil beach. It’s definitely one to look into if you’re on the West Coast.


Photocred:Davide D’Amico

1. Santa Monica

Santa Monica may have the most awesome beach experience in California. Their famous Santa Monica Pier has everything you could possibly want to remain happy on a nice day trip.


Photocred:AVIA BavARia

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