5 Outrageous Johnny Depp Characters

There isn’t one character that Johnny Depp can’t play. That’s been proven as a fact by the plentiful characters he has embodied over the years. So, we decided to highlight 5 Outrageous Johnny Depp Characters.

Depp is a modern day man of many faces. Not only does he take on some of the toughest characters in film, he completely nails them. There aren’t many actors who can say that they had to transform their personalities as many times as Depp did.

Depp went from being a strange character with scissors on his hands to a pirate and made it look like child’s play. It’s so hard to narrow these characters down to five, however, we took on the task. Let us know if your favorite is missing from our list of 5 Outrageous Johnny Depp Characters below.

5 Outrageous Johnny Depp Characters

Johnny Depp Characters5. Edward Scissorhands

In Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, Depp had to play one of the most unique characters ever. He had to think about how a character without hands would act if they were replaced with sharper, scissor-like extensions. Edward was also quite antisocial after a long time of being in confinement.

Johnny Depp Characters4. Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd was a classic literary character who after suffering a deep and terrible loss, became enraged and bloodthirsty. You could see Depp’s battle with the darkness and light in his character.

Johnny Depp Characters3. Willy Wonka

Rather than using Gene Wilder’s character and his overall portrayal of the chocolatier, Depp channeled a slightly darker side of Wonka. It’s safe to say that Tim Burton’s touch is always amplified when Depp is involved in the project.

Johnny Depp Characters2. Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is a cooky character to get a hold of. The overall appearance was a little creepy but still welcoming to fans. Depp knew exactly how to complete this role with ease.

Johnny Depp Characters1. Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean inspired everyone to love a drunken mess of a pirate. From the slurring of the words to the hilarious punchlines, this may be one of Depp’s most memorable characters.

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