5 Photos That Will Instantly Provide A Feeling of Calm

Sometimes we work way too hard and stress begins to build. Luckily we’ve found a way to provide a calming feeling through photos. Sometimes all you have to do is scroll through some awesome photos. We found 5 Photos That Will Instantly Provide A Feeling of Calm.

No this isn’t scientifically proven. However, we’ve found that scrolling through some of the images on Unsplash, really provide a calming feeling. For one, all of these photos are high resolution and shot by very talented photographers.

Unsplash is an area where these photographers show their work and also encourage free use of them as well. It really is an amazing resource where you can just relax and enjoy some of the spectacular images. All of the images below and more can be found on the site with their photographer credit.

You can check out our 5 Photos That Will Instantly Provide A Feeling of Calm below.

5 Photos That Will Instantly Provide A Feeling of Calm

5. Waterfalls

The sounds of a waterfall are a bit rough as the water thrashes. However, there is something about the way the light is manipulated in this photo that is utterly calming.


4. Wintery Borealis

Winter can either be really depressing or really calming. We loved this photo because it displays the beauty winter possesses in a sky featuring an appearance of a borealis.


3. Sunset

There is nothing more relaxing that gazing into a beautiful sunset. This one is just absolutely majestic and the guy in the photo makes us all jealous.


2. Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is a beautiful and natural experience. For those who can’t experience it first-hand, this incredible calming photo brings it to life.


1. Flower

A beautiful and delicate looking flower opening it’s petals is perfect to calm your nerves. Here is a reminder that beauty is all around us and waiting to be explored.


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