5 Things We Want To See From Pokémon Go In 2017

When Pokémon Go released in the Summer of 2016, it took off like a wildfire. That wildfire has turned into a slow burn that in some opinions is reaching a smolder. So in an attempt to help out Niantic Labs, we decided to share a list of 5 Things We Want To See From Pokémon Go In 2017.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go took off at such a rapid rate, it doesn’t seem like Niantic Labs was ready for it. The servers were pretty spotty in the beginning but were fixed to the delight of players. The popularity of the game has caused players to go out and “catch ’em all.”

The problem with catching them all is, most players have completed or are a couple of catches/hatches away from completing their Pokédexs. YouTuber’s like Mystic 7, Bentimm1 and Trnrtips have voiced their opinions on what Niantic Labs should do to remedy this lull in the game.

Below are our personal 5 Things We Want To See From Pokémon Go In 2017. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section.

5 Things We Want To See From Pokémon Go In 2017

5. Communication

Niantic Labs has not been the greatest when it comes to letting fans know what is coming in the future. What’s most troubling is the vagueness in how they reveal information. Fans would like to have much better updates on what is coming in the Pokémon Go game.

4. Increased Spawn Points

While Niantic Labs has increased the spawn points of Pokémon significantly, videos have shown it could be better. There are plenty of rural players who are still struggling, not to mention players who aren’t able to travel around. It would be awesome to see a couple of more spawn points out there.

3. Legendary Pokémon

The Legendary Pokémon for Generation 1 have yet to be released. Many fans are in favor of having a special event to be able to catch them. Not having these Pokémon in the collection is pretty disheartening.

2. Head-to-Head Battle

Head-to-head battling can really take the attention off of the lack of content that is in the game. It could be the push Niantic needs and help encourage people to strengthen their Pokémon.

1. Generation 2

This is the easiest and most talked about fix in the game. The lack of content and NEW Pokémon to capture in the game has been difficult to handle. Fans are getting bored with catching Pidgey’s and Weedles. Even without having the Legendary Pokémon, generation two could create a boost in play.

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