5 Weirdest Flowers in the World

Everyone loves flowers especially women! An ideal gift for anniversaries or birthdays and often used at weddings or special occasions. At home, it can add beauty to your garden and lighten up your place. Flowers give joy and peace.

Every flower has unique characteristics and fragrance. But seeing these unusual flowers below will surely surprise you! Below are the 5 weirdest flowers in the world.

1. The Corpse Flower

The corpse flower (rafflesia arnoldii) is one of the largest flowers on earth. It can grow up to 3 feet in diameter. What makes it weird is its own smell. Unlike the other sweet-smelling flowers, it is foul-smelling like a rotting flesh! No wonder it was called the corpse flower. It only grows in Indonesia’s rainforest and is very difficult to search in the wild. Also, it is unique because it has no stem and leaves.

Weirdest Flowers in the World - corpse flower

2. Udumbara Flower

The fruit and flower of the known Ficus racemosa tree is called udumbara. According to the Buddhist tradition, it only blooms once every 3000 years! It produces a strong and pleasant scent though it’s size is tiny. It was discovered by a nun in 2010 when she found a 1 mm flower under her washing machine.

Weirdest Flowers in the World - udumbara flower

3. Pitcher Plant

Do you believe that this plant is carnivorous?! Its pitcher shape body can trap and consume any small bird, animals or insects with the help of the digestive fluid inside this plant. This pitcher plant, also known as nepenthes spectabilis x ventricos, has different varieties around the world.

Weirdest Flowers in the World - pitcher plant

4. Snake’s Head

Fritillaria meleagris is also called the snake’s head because of its checkered appearance that resembles like a snakeskin. It is also known to some as frog cup, guinea hen flower, leper lily, chess flower or fritillary. Snake’s head flower grows wild and can be found in Eurasia’s grasslands and meadows.

Weirdest Flowers in the World - snakes head


5. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Take a look at this orchid. Doesn’t it look like a slipper? It was indeed called Lady’s slipper orchid because of the center petal that protrudes and looks like a slipper. In Europe and North America, different species of this orchid can be found. It is also a protected species in England, good thing the scientists were able to save it from extinction.

Weirdest Flowers in the World - lady's slipper orchid


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