5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes we all need to escape into the world of someone else for a change. Life is stressful and comedy is one of the best cures for it all. So if you’re having a tough go, we decided to highlight 5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day.

YouTube is filled with celebrities and has transformed into a platform that can really boost your happiness. First there was Vine, the platform that allowed you to upload 7 second videos. Across the platform plenty of stars were born.

They took most of their followers from the app and transplanted them on to the YouTube platform, which was much more lucrative. The YouTube circuit is pretty extensive and almost never-ending, however, there is a certain few that really have a perfect formula.

If you’re looking for entertainment past the TV, Netflix and all of the other streaming services, YouTube might be a nice place for diversity. Check out our list of 5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day.

5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day

YouTube Channels5. PewDiePie

PewDiePie is a big YouTube gamer who’s channel blossomed so much that many wanted to know just exactly how much he was actually worth. He has over 51 million subscribers which means you can pretty much guarantee yourself an awesome show, after all over 51 million people care enough to his his subscribe button.


YouTube Channels4. Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is a parody personality of Colleen Ballinger. The outlandish personality is so popular that she has amassed a over 7.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Her character is so out there that you can’t help but to enjoy the sometimes cheesy jokes and more.

YouTube Channels3. The Gabbie Show

Gabbie Hanna gained most of her followers from Vine. She posted some pretty hilarious stuff and continues to do some on her YouTube channel with over 2.8 million subscribers. The Gabbie Show YouTube channel often consists of stories, skits and plenty of collaboration with other YouTube celebrities.

YouTube Channels2. Liza Koshy

With over 5.8 million subscribers on YouTuber, Liza Koshy has made sure she keeps her fans interested with plenty of hilarious skits and ideas. She also features plenty of collaborations including one with YouTuber iisuperwomanii, which happens to be a bonus channel we’re featuring on the list.

YouTube Channels1. David Dobrik

David Dobrik has a somewhat smaller channel at over 2.2 million subscribers. However, the comedy and characters featured on his channel are just so quick witted and hilarious that his views and subscribers are growing on a daily basis.

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