5 Yummy Dishes to Make Your Man Love You

The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. And one way to win a man is to cook his favorite dish. But certainly, not all foods suit every guy. Its spirit counts practically like the ingredients. For example, if you will prepare a fillet mignon for your vegetarian partner, it is a big no. Give him a platter of vegetable sushi with a side dish of wasabi sauce. Be creative with the choices that you make, and let him see how much you’ve contemplated preparing a special dish for him.

You also have to take into consideration your cooking ability. If you’re an expert with a menu compared to a meat cleaver, there are paid workers in that field called caterers. However, no need to worry because there are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes online.

Below are the 5 Yummy Dishes to Make Your Man Love You:

1. Lobster

Dishes to Make Your Man Love You - Lobster

When it comes to seafood extravagance, lobster is the perfect example. We recommend using the lobster tail, which is usually the preferred part. Besides, preparing live crustacean might be traumatic, especially in cases that you’re not accustomed to seeing a cuisine with its face. For a purist, he prefers it steamed, broiled, or baked with lemon juice and melted butter.

And for someone who eats like its always his last meal, the lobster Newburg raises its decadence by adding egg yolk-cream sauce. If you’d want to weigh out this extravagance with its social responsibility, select a domestic lobster, specifically the spiny lobster found in Florida, Baja peninsula in Mexico, and California. Without a doubt, they’re caught sustainably. If lobster is too lavish for your partner, you can order online for a slice of alligator meat. Cooked with his preferred pork or chicken application, perhaps a barbecue gator or a gator Parmesan.

2. Tiramisu

Dishes to Make Your Man Love You - Tiramisu

A coffee-flavored decadent dessert that’s full of fats and is pleasurably made. Start with making your zabaglione, a dessert made up of sugar and egg fluff after which, it is blended with mascarpone – a creamy Italian cheese. In some recipes, you have to fold the mixture into the whipped cream. Prepared with a layer of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and its mixture in between. Arrange in a glass for him to see just how fussed you are before he can even taste it.

If he’s not fussy, prepare various flavors of ice cream and toppings, hand over the scooper, and let him make his super sundae.

3. Rack of Ribs

Dishes to Make Your Man Love You - Rack of Ribs

What else is there to satisfy your man’s primitive hunger? Serve him with those slabs of spareribs smeared with sauce. Beam with a smile as you see him gnaw that meat from its bone. You’ll have extra credit when those ribs were smoked in the open flame.

If the ribs are massive in those circumstances, serve him with Buffalo wings and tacos in portable, satisfying portions.

4. Five-alarm Chili

Dishes to Make Your Man Love You - Five Alarm Chili

For the guys, foods that are hot-and-spicy is one badge of courage for them. Start flame, add the garlic, onion, cumin, and oregano in the crockpot. Intensify it more by adding fresh, ground chilies like jalapeno, poblano, paprika, and cayenne. Present it with cornbread or crackers. If there’s a need to subside the heat, just prepare milk.

If it’s too boorish for him to experience a burning sensation in his tongue, try something else like the ethnic cooking, starting with Cajun gumbo, Indian’s Chicken tikka masala marinated in spiced yogurt simmered in creamy tomato sauce, up to smoked andouille sausage.

5. Classic Mashed Potatoes and Meat

Dishes to Make Your Man Love You - Classic Mashed Potato and Meat

It’s a typical comfort food, simple, hearty, and appealing to the American male. Also, it gratifies the inner boy inside. Served with ketchup and gravy, and don’t wince if he drenches his mashed potatoes with both.
If his mom or dad doesn’t have the recipe, you could use your mom’s or perhaps your neighbor’s. If it’s more grease-stained and dog-eared, the better. If it doesn’t go well, just dine out. For a wealthy guy, try serving him with veal terrine accompanied by gourmet ketchup and Duchesse potatoes.

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