6 Awesome Sneakers That Are Winter Friendly

When the summer is over and all of the trainers and flashy kicks have to be put away the boots seem to take over. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Thankfully we found 6 Awesome Sneakers That Are Winter Friendly.

Sneakers are definitely more comfortable than boots and offer a lot more room for movement. However, living in colder areas, you need some added protection for your feet and boots seem to be the best ways to provide warmth and ensure you don’t freeze your toes off.

That being said, there are a couple of sneaker styles that offer the proper comfort and functionality even in the colder temperatures. Not to mention, these sneakers are super stylish and can be easily pulled off. So, sneakerheads rest easy, there is another way. You can check out our 6 Awesome Sneakers That Are Winter Friendly below.

6 Awesome Sneakers That Are Winter Friendly

6. Asics Gel Lyte-MT

The Asics Gel Lyte-MT is one of the most stylish sneakerboots on the market. It also happens to be one of the newer ones as well. The inner boot system provides added comfort and the heightened Gel Lyte III silouette gives you extra protection from wet conditions.


5. Puma Suede Mid

The Puma Suede Mid is a classic. It gets no better than a pair of higher suede sneakers that are comfortable and warm. They also come in almost every color you could imagine making it a pretty easy choice for our list.


PhotoCred: Puma

4. Saucony Grid SD

While the Saucony Grid SD is not a higher sneaker. The materials used in the colorway below will provide protection against the cold. The traction on the sneaker is also pretty great for the winter and wet weather. Not to mention, these things are beautiful.


PhotoCred: Saucony

3. Adidas Tubular X Primeknit

The height of the Adidas Tubular X Primeknit is a very promising aspect of this sneaker. It is primeknit so once there is no moisture on the, you can get away with wearing it. It works as a nice sock so having socks on already then throwing these on feet could be super comfy.

PhotoCred: Adidas

PhotoCred: Adidas

2. Nike Air Presto Sneakerboot

The Nike Air Presto is one of the most comfortable sneakers that the brand produces. They have transformed it into a sneakerboot that is perfectly winter-ready. The material protects your feet against the cold and wet conditions and the mid-top look is just spectacular.

PhotoCred: Nike

PhotoCred: Nike

1. Special Field Air Force One 

This is one of the newest models of Nike’s Air Force One and it never looked better. The Special Field Air Force One is what you would call battle ready. From the materials to the height of the sneaker, this is quite possibly one of the most stylish and winter-ready sneakers you could possibly add to your closet.


PhotoCred: Nike


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