6 Best Kanye West Songs From ‘The Life of Pablo’

Kanye West might be in the news after his controversial “Famous” music video had George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye himself, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby laying naked in a big bed together. That being said, he made some great music on his album The Life of Pablo. So we decided to compile the 6 Best Kanye West Songs From The Life of Pablo album.

Kanye West Songs

Kanye West often refers to himself as misunderstood and he also calls himself an artist. It goes beyond rap for Kanye because he wants to deliver clothing, art (visual and audio) and explore even more endeavors.

Despite his continuous rants and sometimes puzzling takes on specific situations, Kanye will always be known for his music. His latest album The Life of Pablo is some of his best work, though true Kanye fans know that his very best still resides in the past. They are plenty of shades of that greatness on The Life of Pablo but these are the 6 Best Kanye West Songs From The Life of Pablo album.

6 Best Kanye West Songs From The Life of Pablo

6. “Wolves”

“Wolves” makes this list because it combines Kanye’s ability to flow and the auto-tune sound that made his album 808s & Heartbreak a popular piece, despite it being less hip-hop oriented. It’s also worth noting that the fixed version of the track contains a young promising hip-hop act, Vic Mensa and one of the best writers and musicians Sia.

Kanye West Songs

5. “FML”

“FML” was one of the most genuine tracks from Kanye West. It outlined all of the ways in which he could screw his life up. He also outlines all of the reasons why he will continue to grind, not to mention it features a stirring chorus from The Weeknd which pulls it together quite nicely.

Kanye West Songs

4. “No More Parties In L.A.”

“No More Parties In L.A.” was the monumental collaboration with Kendrick Lamar who many consider to be the best in hip-hop at the moment.

Kanye West Songs

3. “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”

“Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” didn’t only feature that classic Kanye West production, it also marked the musical reunion of Kid Cudi and Kanye. When Kid Cudi and Kanye West come together you know a classic is in the making and this is one of the stand-out tracks from The Life of Pablo.

Kanye West Songs

2. “Pt. 2”

Kanye takes Desiigner’s “Panda” and turns it into a track of his own. This turn-up track put Desiigner on the map and is too hyped and catchy to not make the list.

Kanye West Songs

1. “Famous”

“Famous” is number one on the list because like Kanye, it managed to spark controversy not once but twice. The first time the line where Kanye says he still thinks he and Taylor Swift may have relations was heard, fans freaked all the way out. Then there was the music video where Kanye was laying between a naked Kim Kardashian West and yes, you guessed it, Taylor Swift. It’s shock value, insane production and Rihanna’s voice make it the standout track on The Life of Pablo.

Kanye West Songs

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