6 Common Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed

To feel sad, blue, and lonely, occasionally, is normal. These reactions are always short-lived and can pass within days. Nevertheless, if these feelings inhibit the daily activities and would cause pain to yourself and for others who give importance to you, it may result then to depression. Even though this condition is typical, it’s serious. Sad to say, people who have depression are not seeking medical attention.

When you feel depressed, it’s not easy to know why. Too often, depression doesn’t appear from only one cause but comes out from mixed factors; either present events, past events which are traumatic, perhaps in your genes, or others. The list below are the 6 common reasons why individuals get depressed.

1. Chronic Stress

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
Stress, in any form, can be good. However, chronic stress may lead to increased cortisol and stress hormone, and decreased serotonin and neurotransmitters like dopamine. These chemicals in the body have a vital role in an individual’s mood and also to biological processes like sleep, appetite, energy and sex drive. Every individual’s stress response typically shuts down and resets when a person reacts towards stressful circumstances; however, depression might result if the mechanism fails. Check out our 10 Easy Tips to Relax and Beat the Stress.

2. Failed Relationship/Divorce

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
One of the situations that can be most stressful for a person to experience is divorce. When speaking of the psyche, a failed relationship is really hard since you already became dependent and too attached to that person. Part of the torment emotionally is the absence of hope that you can search for another partner.

Learn how to make your marriage work with these 10 secrets for a successful marriage.

3. Debt

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
No hesitations, money is indeed important in our society. Nevertheless, the absence of money doesn’t ultimately lead every individual to be depressed; it’s having a chronic debt. According to a researcher from the University of Madison, Lawrence Berger Ph.D., it has been found out that if an individual debt rises by 10%, depression symptoms might rise by 14%. The people who exhibit the maximum depressive symptoms due to debt are individuals who are beyond 50 years old. It’s not a surprise since individuals within this age feel that the time for them is running out.

4. Poor Body Image

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
In our society that’s full of obsession with “Ideal Body Type”, it’s not a surprise for a lot of women including men, to become unhappy with their body image. They are trying to compare their body image to an ideal thin image that can be usually seen in televisions and magazines. A lot of researchers reported that few women have a negative perception towards their body image and connecting it to the increased depression incidents that often leads to suicide. The negative perception of body image leads a lot of women towards extreme measures like starvation, to severe eating disorders which can lead to suicide attempts.

5. Love One’s Death

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
Grief is totally natural. If you deal with grief incorrectly, it will lead to severe depression. However, if you handled grief correctly, it might help you appreciate how fleeting and short life is and to grasp life as a challenge.

6. Aging

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
Typically, aging is seemed to be a time to reflect, rest, and the advantage to experience things while raising your family or pursuing your career. Nevertheless, the old age process isn’t always enjoyable. Circumstances like debilitating conditions, loss of friends or loved ones, can affect the elderly’s wellbeing emotionally. Elders may feel the loss of management over their life due to decreased sensory impairment and motor skills.

Coping Mechanisms to Fight Depression

At some point in our life, we will soon face one of those 6 factors of depressions mentioned above. There’s no way we can avoid it. But then, how you deal with it depends on you. Defense or coping mechanisms are certain efforts for us to try in solving internal problems or conflicts. Below is the list of coping mechanism that you can improve for you to cope up with life’s stressors:

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed
Social support

Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed


Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed


Reasons Why Individuals Get Depressed



Unexpected events might happen in our lives. We may not able to control it but we can successfully overcome them if we have the courage, motivation and positive mindset. Learn these 10 Useful Tips to Overcome Sadness and Depression.


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