6 DJ Khaled Keys to Success That Are Actually Useful

If you haven’t heard of DJ Khaled, chances are you could be living under a rug. We compiled 6 DJ Khaled ‘Keys to Success’ That Are Actually Useful, that will get you pretty acquainted with him if you haven’t a clue who he is. The DJ, producer, entrepreneur, artist and whatever labels he decides to give himself, has been a hot topic for the past two years due to his motivational videos on social media.


DJ Khaled is responsible for hip-hop hit records like “I’m So Hood,” “All I Do Is Win” and “Hold you Down.” Whether he is lost at sea on a jet ski or just trying to instill some precious words of wisdom, DJ Khaled has become quite the motivational speaker. In fact, he was such a hot topic that even Ellen DeGeneres had to have him on his show to explain some of the messages he posts on Snapchat and Instagram.

While some fans may poke fun at his distinctive way of inspiring others on social media, there actually is a bit of merit to a lot of his major keys. You can check out our 6 DJ Khaled ‘Keys to Success’ That Are Actually Useful and find out exactly what we’re talking about.

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6. Be A Superstar

Who doesn’t want to be a superstar? Often times being a superstar involves being true to yourself. As DJ Khaled says in his video below, a star is born everyday. Of course, he was referring to his starfruit tree, however, motivating yourself to be a superstar no matter what is the encouragement you need to carry on with the challenges life may through your way.

5. Always Have a Full Stomach

When it comes to making sure you have enough food in your stomach DJ Khaled has you covered. In the video below Khaled explains that almond milk and Cinnamon Toast crunch has done wonders for him on late nights. Don’t let the hunger get the best of you and always keep a full stomach.

4. Don’t Incriminate Yourself

You never know who could be out to get you in life. Sometimes your best friend can become an enemy. So, the best way to prevent that problem from coming up, always go off the record. It keeps you out of trouble and on your way to survive another day.

3. Don’t Get Left in the Dark

There might be times where everything seems a bit overwhelming. You might reach some of your darkest moments in life however, one of DJ Khaled’s keys is to make it. That means making your way out of the darkness and showing the world how tough your really are.

2. Perseverance is Key

According to DJ Khaled you always have to go harder when things get hard. That is the only way to succeed. You can’t let life push you around and let any task be too much for you to handle. Persevere, keep pushing and you will eventually make it out with a greater sense of pride.

1. Confidence is Key

Confidence is one of the strongest qualities an individual can have. People respect you when they notice that you are confident in yourself and your abilities. If you’re feeling extra confident, complete a task that someone told you wasn’t possible. When it’s all over give them the walk like DJ Khaled did in the video below.

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