6 Reasons Why People Can’t Stop Lying

Chronic lying can be a symptom of a behavioral disorder or a manic episode. It is not a clinical diagnosis. Most people are truly fond of lying that they do so without purpose. This would keep people around them astounded and deceived, though, not so when their lying is exposed.

Below are the 6 reasons why people can’t stop lying and still continue to do it even they don’t need to.

1. Lying matters to them.

Why People Can't Stop Lying - lying matters to them

That is the main reason why people lie even when it doesn’t make sense because they believe they do. Liars believe it is extremely vital while those around them actually think it has no consequence. This may give them pressure; however, you would not know unless you are smart enough to ask questions like, “Why is this issue seems to be so important to you?” Find out if someone is lying with these 12 tips.

2. Liars fear rejection.

Why People Can't Stop Lying - liars fear rejection

They resort in telling lies to maintain that level of respect from people around them. They dwell on the premise that you must still like them no matter what it takes.

3. To them, being honest means losing control.

Why People Can't Stop Lying - being honest means losing control

In many instances, people are not telling the truth in order for them to control the situation. This will also give them the edge of getting the right reactions they thought it is supposed to be. For liars, truth is unnecessary as it may not coincide with their story.

4. To them, a lie is simply the “truth”.

Why People Can't Stop Lying

When we are overwhelmed with pressure, our thoughts of the bigger picture are defied and cannot be relied on. Many studies show that our memories are fickle. Overthinking enables us to reconstruct them. This explains why chronic liars are pressured, so much so that their thoughts are unreliable, that when they speak, it is actually the truth for them, in that given moment.

5. Lie begets lie.

Why People Can't Stop Lying - lie begets lie

Once you start telling lies, you’ll cover it with another until it gets bigger and bigger, like cotton candy. If one pathological liar admits to have lied – even once – this would give a feeling of losing trust on him or her, and it is not comfortable.

6. Chronic liars desire their lie to be true.

Why People Can't Stop Lying - chronic liars desire their lie to be true

This goes without saying that chronic liars do believe their lie is true because that is what they are constantly thinking and believing. It comes as no surprise, especially in this era where fake facts can be perceived as genuine.

Most of us are innately honest. We tell the truth because it is what it should be. It defines who we are. We do not want to deceive others. Check out these 10 ways to avoid lying.  Although many people do lie more than others – chronic liars – on the contrary, are honest as a matter of fact; but not when their tricks are brutally exposed and invalidated.

The best way to deal with pathological liars is to show empathy towards them. Asking them a non-threatening question such as, “Why is this situation matter to you the most?” or “Why do you want me to see in the same perspective as yours?” can bring out the motivations why they are lying in the first place. With this said, we can encourage them to be more honest in their dealings and that telling the truth is not damaging at all; rather it builds one’s character and enables one to become a better person.


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