6 Sports That Give You The Best Workouts

Finding a sport that allows you to workout multiple muscles at the same time isn’t exactly a hard task. However, there are some sports that would be better at helping you get into the swing of things and get whipped into shape if played at a consistent rate. So, we created a list of 6 Sports That Give You The Best Workouts.

Of course, athletes use the gym for conditioning so you won’t want to depend on sports alone to be able to get you to where you want to be entirely. So how do you know when a sport has given you a great workout? Well, the simple answer is the feeling you get after it. If you are tired but feel accomplished chances are you kicked some serious butt.

We analyzed a couple of sports that would be able to give you the best workouts and came up with 6 Sports That Give You The Best Workouts. These sports allow you to use different muscles in your body as well as your brain, so, you’ll always stay sharp.

6 Sports That Give You The Best Workouts

6. Tennis/Table Tennis

Tennis and table tennis are both games that require skills and mental toughness like all sports. Not only must your brain calculate the proper force required to hit the ball and the placement of it, you also have to do a ton of running and jumping during play. The only way you won’t get a workout from these sports is if your opponent or you happen to be serving up the aces on a continuous basis which is highly unlikely.

Best Workouts

5. Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun sport that you can enjoy with your team, family or friends. Together you and your team use hand-eye coordination, teamwork and a series of different muscles. You need Your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and hip flexors for running and jumping when you have to pop up for a spike. After an intense game of volleyball in the sun or in a gym, you’ll feel it for sure.

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4. Soccer

Your upper body and calf muscles are very important when playing soccer. You must control your balance overall and you are also responsible for calculating your moves with the ball. It’s also like a game of chess where the placement of the ball is concerned.

Best Workouts

3. Boxing/Sparring

The major muscle used in boxing is the pectoralis major and running around the ring offers the use of various leg muscles as well. If you opt for mixed martial arts, chances are you would be using almost all of the muscles in your body, however, you might want to make sure you don’t damage any of them or break any bones.

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2. Hockey

Hockey is a very tough sport but it takes a lot of mental toughness and control of over your body to play the sport. Whether it’s ice hockey, field hockey or street hockey, all of these sports are extremely physical and test your limits. You’ll definitely feel accomplished after a couple of hours of hockey.

Best Workouts

1. Basketball

Your chest, biceps, triceps, quads, shoulders and calves are all essential muscles that are used when it comes to playing basketball. Running back and forth on a full court or every around a half court allows you to work out upper and lower body muscles. It’s a sure-shot way to make sure you get the workout you need.

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