6 Warning Signs of Burnout to Watch Out For

How to become aware when your workplace is affecting negatively your physical and mental well-being?

Prolonged stress in the workplace can lead to exhaustion. As a matter of fact, it could affect your physical and mental well-being. Stress can cause you to feel worn-out and certain degree of emptiness; hence, this is not to be taken lightly.

The lifestyle of a person, work-related matter or one’s personality are some of the major causes of burnout.

Lack of appreciation and overload are common causes of stress in the workplace. Having anonymity with your boss or co-workers and monotony can also lead to burnout. Likewise, it could be a wrong expectation on the assigned role.

Having said all these, below are six symptoms that a stress or a burnout is imminent.

6 warning signs of burnout to watch out for:

1. Feeling Incomplete at Work

Warning Signs of Burnout -Feeling Incomplete at Work-Feeling Incomplete at Work

Lack of drive and motivation to do your work is a sure sign of burnout. This could be due to complacency that oftentimes leads to inefficiency. You no longer find your job challenging and your confidence is slowly diminishing. As such, you may find excuses for tardiness or leaving early from your work.


2. Physical Tiredness

Warning Signs of Burnout - Physical Tiredness

Chronic fatigue is a primary indicator of stress. You feel tired and spent that you begin to show lack of enthusiasm in doing your tasks. This may be due to a poor lifestyle of not having healthy diet, regular workout and insufficient sleep.

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3. Absenteeism and Sickness

Warning Signs of Burnout - Absenteeism and Sickness

When you are burnout, your immune system may weaken which could lead to certain unwanted illnesses. You may also have psychological issues that may become serious in the long run. Headaches, palpitations and stomach issues are manifestations of a burnout.


4. Emotional Stress

Warning Signs of Burnout - Emotional Stress

You will have episodes of short-temper, pessimism and groundless anger. You become worrisome which could really affect your performance.

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5. Social Life and Relationship Issues

Warning Signs of Burnout - Social Life and Relationship Issues

Burnout causes you to lose interest in your relationships. You tend to isolate yourself from friends and even loved-ones that you may find it time-consuming to return their calls and respond to their messages. Here are the six common reasons why individuals get depressed.


6. Losing Focus

Warning Signs of Burnout - losing focus

Stress, definitely, does not allow you to stay focused and concentrate on whatever you do.

Reach out to your special someone, your friends, trustworthy workmate or your doctor if you think you have these warnings signs of burnout. Recovery may take time, needs support and oftentimes requires professional help.

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