6 Ways to Drink More Water Throughout the Day


It doesn’t sound like something that would be hard, but most people can agree that their daily goals include drinking more amounts of water to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are 6 easy ways to meet your goal on a day-to-day basis.

Drink More Water

1.Buy water in large quantities.

Buying water bottles in bulk or even carrying it around by the gallon will mean that water is readily accessible to you as you carry on throughout your routine. You’ll eventually get into a routine of taking it to go and will, therefore, be more likely to actually consume it. The most simple way to drink more, for sure.

Drink More Water

2. Buy a fancy water bottle.

Splurge a little bit on a durable water bottle to take with you on the move. There are so many different kinds of water bottles out there, so you can easily personalize your choice and feel good about taking it around, as well.

Drink More Water

3.  Add fresh citrus. 

Refresh your typical glass of water by adding fresh lemon and lime wedges to it. If you wanna go the extra mile, freeze lemon and lime wedges overnight to add that little extra bit of jazz to your water.

Drink More Water

4. Try different infusions. 

Besides adding citrus, it can be a fun thing to try infusing different fruits and even veggies into your water to spice things up. Examples of funky infusions include a berry, peach and coconut infusion or as strawberry, basil and cucumber one. Yum!

Drink More Water

5. Add flavorings. 

Although most people can agree that water is tasteless, there really are people out there who say they dislike the taste of water. No judgment here, but if you’re one of those people, there’s still hope for you.

Add flavoring packets to your water to make it drinkable. There are tons of different flavor options on the market; top brands include big names like Crystal Light and are readily available in most stores.

Drink More Water

6. There’s an app for that.

Just like everything else in our 21st-century world, there is an app for this. Yes, there is literally an app that can help you drink more water.

Apps like Waterlogged and Daily Water let you track your progress drinking water on a daily basis like a fitness app does. For the tech-obsessed individual, this is a great option.


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