6 Ways to Manage Depression During COVID

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 didn’t just affect the economic aspect around the world but also the mental health of the mankind. The news about it alone had brought fear to everyone for their health, life and loved ones. In addition to this, the social isolation that people experience and the limited contact with people have impacted people’s mental health in a bad way. Humans are social beings and are meant to be with their fellow humans. Thus, this isolation is one of the reasons for the emotional and mental instability that people experience. The change in environments, such as the implementation of online classes and the loss of jobs of numerous workers, has added to people’s stress.

In order to adapt and overcome depression successfully and improve people’s mental wellness, we made a list of ways to manage depression successfully during the pandemic.

1. Create a routine

Manage Depression During COVID - Create a routine

With the changes we’re forced to face, it is also necessary to find ways to adapt and find a purpose for daily lives. Keeping yourself busy with useful things and having enough sleep regularly can help manage the patient’s depression.

2. Keep in touch

Manage Depression During COVID - Keep in touch

Despite the social isolation rules that we’re obliged to comply with, staying connected is still a must. Individuals must stay connected with their loved ones, friends, as well as their doctor or mental health team through several ways such as phone calls and online means.

3. Have a fit body and mind

Manage Depression During COVID - Have a fit body and mind

Unhealthy eating habits can affect the mind of the body. Although, one can eat a bar of chocolate or some sweets to boost their mood, too much of everything is still not good for health. Eating the right food and exercising can help release hormones that can boost the patient’s mood to help manage his depression.

4. Build yourself a hobby!

Manage Depression During COVID - Build yourself a hobby

Patients have different ways of dealing and coping through hard times. Build yourself some hobbies and participate in healthy behaviors such as playing with your pets, listening to songs, crafting, painting, reading, and many more!

5. Move your body more!

Manage Depression During COVID - Move your body more

Being physically active and doing some exercise has proven to help with mood disorders and depression. This is excellent for the overall health as well!

6. Stay updated but restrict exposure

Manage Depression During COVID - Stay updated but restrict exposure

With new information appearing everyday, it is essential to be updated on what is happening around you. As we keep ourselves up-to-date, it is also important to make sure that the news comes from reliable references and sources. It is suggested to limit exposure with these updates during bedtime.

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