7 Awesome Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

Prom season is one of the most hectic and nerve-racking seasons for juniors and seniors in high school. To put a little ease to the stress of asking someone to prom, we created a list of 7 Awesome Ways to Ask Someone to Prom.

It’s safe to say that almost everything that could ever be done to ask someone to prom has already been done before. There are countless videos out there of all of the creative ways in which guys or girls were able to secure a date for the big night.

The pressures of prom often bring a lot of anxiety. However, this should not be. Prom is a time to enjoy your last year or last couple of years in high school and make the most of the moments you have with your friends and peers before heading off to college on a new adventure. So, for anyone trying to find a way to snag a date, check out our 7 Awesome Ways to Ask Someone to Prom below.

7 Awesome Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

7. Old Fashion

The old fashion way is always one of the greatest ways to get someone to go to prom with you. Simply ask them in a normal setting without any outside influences if you are afraid that you could be embarrassed in front of everyone. Some people juts prefer a little privacy.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


6. The Bridge

We’ve all seen the scenes from films or YouTube videos where the person asking their potential date to prom strings a huge banner across a bridge. Now, many would say that this is a dangerous idea however, if done correctly, it can remain an innocent way to ask someone to prom.

You’ll need a little help from someone who will be in charge of driving the person to the area where the banner would be visible. Once they see the banner and the work you’ve put into asking them, it will be hard for them to say no.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


5. The Surprise Cake

People use cakes to reveal the gender of your baby so why not use a cake to ask someone to prom? It’s very easy and simple. Make a cake and ice your message on it. It can be any size but you might want to make a bigger one in case the person you want to take to prom has trouble seeing.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


4. Ask The Special Someone to Prom In Front of Everyone

Popping the question in public always makes for a nerve-racking setting. If you aren’t afraid of rejection and consider yourself popular enough to ask your date to prom in front of all of your friends, then go for it.

It will make the person feel special because you want the entire school to know you admire them and want to take them to prom. You’ll also look fearless and confident which makes all of the difference.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


3. On A Date

If you are dating someone, don’t assume that they don’t want to be asked to prom. At times taking the time and effort to still ask someone you’re dating could make all the difference. Take them out on a nice romantic date and pop the question as you would if you were proposing.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


2. Football Game

The football game is a classic way to ask someone to prom. You can have almost everyone involved and there are plenty of ways to carry it out. One of the coolest ways would be to get everyone in the stands to hold up signs with the different letters of the message. It shows dedication and determination to get everyone on your side like that.

Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


1. Fireworks

If you’re a really big baller and you live in a state or area where fireworks are legal, you can arrange to have fireworks that ask the question. That being said, you can also go a different route and take the special someone to a firework show because something about fireworks screams romantic movie moment. At that point, it’s easy for you to use the beautiful moment to make it an even more memorable one.


Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

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