7 Important Tips to Keep in Mind while Planning a Family Vacation

So, the much-awaited vacation with your family is around the corner. You are counting on every fun that your family has been missing upon since the last couple of years. The packing and excitement has been on since two days and you feel that you are good to go. Everything has been ready according to you. Your kids are happy and not winning about the place you are taking them to and are rather excited. Everyone is brimming with anticipation for the unseen surprise and fun awaiting them. You are pretty sure that things would go in a smooth way and are looking forward to an enjoyable stay. However, be sure to prepare a checklist beforehand and stick to it till the last moment. That would save you from future troubles and tensions of having missed something back at home while you desperately need it at your hotel. Here are 7 important tips to keep in mind while planning a family vacation.


  1. Reservations

 Family Vacation

Is it a car, train or an airplane? What would be your mode of transport? Plan well in advance as to what would be your choice. Bring into consideration how much are you willing to spend for the transportation costs as the entire vacation’s budget must not be swiped away only by it. There is a complete host of other aspects that demand expenditure. Once you are done booking your tickets, do check whether your flight or train is on time. Going and waiting at the airport or railway station is no fun. Besides, who likes to wait for extra hours. If planning to go by car, be sure to have the vehicle properly checked in advance.  Facing issues and that too at the beginning of your journey would become a spoiler. Make all sorts of efforts to avoid that.

  1. Weather forecast

 Family Vacation

It might be extremely wintery in the place that you are currently staying in and the place where you plan to go on a family vacation might be forty degrees above freezing point.  Of course, your woolens need to be chucked away. All the light cotton and airy clothes would have to be taken out from your trunk or inner closet. That certainly takes time. Keep checking the daily temperature and weather a week before of the place that you are supposed to go. That would give you a fairly good idea about the prevailing climatic condition of the place. Thanks internet later for coming to your rescue. As of now start deciding what all clothes are you to add to your luggage. Do not leave it for a day or two before of your departure.

  1. Medicines

 Family Vacation

A small kit of first aid box and basic medicines like paracetamol, aspirin etc. is a must to be included in your luggage. Not everyone is able to travel for long hours and suffer from motion sickness as well, especially while traveling via cars to the mountainous and circling roads of hill stations. They tend to turn nauseous and vomit all throughout. That would cause severe dehydration and if not tended to can lead to fainting spells too. You must check with your family members regarding if anyone suffers from such problems and keep medicines accordingly. Bad throat can be yet another issue that vacationers usually come across while traveling in severely cold places. Carry Vicks and other inhalers to help ease the condition.

  1. Hotel and location

 Family Vacation

Make advance reservations if possible. There is a complete abundance of websites offering you online bookings in hotels of the places you plan to spend your holidays in. Make use of them. Once again, stick to your budget and don’t go bonkers spending crazily on the accommodation. Select the hotel wisely where you would be staying with your family. If not comfortable making reservations online, then go for the alternative. On reaching your destination, enquire on the station for a tourist guide map and that would come in handy giving you the details of the hotels that you can opt for. Hire a taxi and start your hunt. Be careful enough to choose a hotel that is near to a buzzing marketplace with good eateries and chemist shop around. You wouldn’t prefer running out of one of the important supplements in your hotel room and then start panicking in the absence of a marketplace even.

  1. Keep money sensibly

 Family Vacation

You need not keep stacks of cash while traveling. Instead, go for credit cards. If keeping a stack of notes tucked in one corner of your suitcase or bag was your idea, then abandon it immediately. Distribute your money in different luggages. Doing so, you would prepare yourself for the worst that could happen. You must have heard of robberies happening all the times? Well, there is no reason for not to happen so in real too. Do not go easy on the safety front. Inform your kids too about some of the hiding places where you intend to keep the cash. In a case of emergency, they would know as well where to look up for money if you do not happen to be around. A well-planned journey involves taking all sorts of precautions and measures. The idea is not to scare but to alert you.

  1. The location

 Family Vacation

The place that you are planning to go to need not be totally trendy and expensive. There is no compulsion to opt for some far away distant place that would take you a day or two to reach. For a change of place and fun, you can simply check in to some good hotel or resort on the outskirts of your city for a weekend. That could be funfilled and pretty relaxing as well. Being with kids, look out for a kid-friendly place with swimming pools or gaming corners for them to enjoy in. You need not make a trip to Kashmir, or Sikkim to gain an unforgettable experience. Experience can be attained even in the nearest of places. You just need to think a little harder for good options.

  1. Camera is a must

 Family Vacation

You are on a vacation, planning to create memories and experience delightful things. The entire fun of the vacation can be brought to ruin in the absence of a camera. Your phone camera might be a good buddy of yours. But if it doesn’t offer high-resolution pictures, then you are likely to sit sulking and repenting of not having brought your camera along on the trip. So it is advisable to keep one.

Stick to the checklist and you’d have nothing to worry about. Bon voyage!

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