7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Honestly, where you stand right now is a choice that you have made. There are some things that you cannot control. But if in life you have long-standing issues, then it’s about time to reevaluate the real you. There is a reason behind your being single, and although I resent admitting it, the relationship status most likely is in your control. There are lot of things that you might do to increase those chances of encountering someone.

These are not a guide that would liberate you from your singleness. It is a list of some reasons that would aid you to unravel deeply into the inner psyche of yours to give perspective on why you are still uncommitted that you never have thought-out.

1. You are still single because you have not moved on yet from your previous partner.

You are still single because you have not moved on yet from your previous partner

You may insist that you have worked it out but remember, this is the moment that you have to be straightforward with yourself. Were you trying to communicate with them? Were you stalking them through their social media? Do you still hold onto those gifts that they have given you hoping that someday they will come back? It is obvious when you are not yet over with your ex, most especially to those people who went out on a date as well as have tried to come to have a date with you.

Subconsciously, it is revealed through your words, body language, and actions. If you are still hurting because of your past relationship, then most probably you’d better back off and stay single for your betterment. You will need some time to heal. There is that someone who left you broken-hearted and that you have to pull through and regain your independence. Nothing is wrong with taking some time to find yourself, it might be among your life’s utmost learning experience. At some point in time that you feel like you are ready to go back again outside, you will see yourself cuffed instantly.

2. You are still single because you are nitpicky

You are still single because you are nitpicky

Whenever you are being told that ”you’re too picky”, this might be the culprit. But, what exactly does it mean? Is being picky not good? After all, we choose to whom we will commit and spend some time with. But there’s a boundary between being nitpicky and selective. Selective people often judge their potential partners concerning their chemistry and compatibility levels. On the contrary, nitpicky people try to satisfy unrealistic expectations. An example is that they might clear out their potential partners just because they dislike their manner of walking or their accent. If you are the kind of nitpicky person, you need this reality check. A perfect person does not exist, everyone has certain characteristics that you might find strange. Don’t be bothered by those little things, they are meaningless because it has no mark on someone’s capability as being a good significant other. Be selective but not nitpicky.

3. You are still single because you do not spend much time outside.

You are still single because you do not spend much time outside

For introverts, you have to socialize and meet people. Looking for a romantic relationship is similar to searching for a job because you have to step outside, build a network, plant the seeds, and then follow up. Unfortunately, potential partners are not emerging right before your eyes while you sit in a room either watching TV or reading. You have to go out and meet plenty of people.

4. You are still single because you have very high self-esteem.

You are still single because you have very high self-esteem

You see too highly of yourself wherein you think that any person will never be good enough for you. I’m sure that no one would admit this and that there are plenty of people who possess this trait without them realizing it.

Do you ever think that in your life, your purpose is higher than others?
Are you certain that the path in your life is the correct one?
Do you quickly assume that the others were not doing well in life compared to you?

If the answer to any questions above is ”yes”, then maybe you are single since you are a self-centered person. You are too judgemental as well as you disregard people off quickly that the demographic of potential significant others makes it statistically improbable to finding a relationship.

5. You are still single because you’re mysterious.

You are still single because you are mysterious

Having this mysterious effect is an appealing trait but to some point only. This is not junior high, so nobody is attracted to a person who doesn’t share anything about themself. If you would like to connect to other people on a deeper state, you have to be vulnerable and show the uncomfortable characteristics of yourself and the life that has made you as you are. Showing vulnerability is essential in finding someone that will choose to be with you … only you.

6. You are still single because you have a very low self-esteem

You are still single because you have a very low self-esteem

You see yourself poorly to the point of assuming that there’s something wrong when it comes to anyone taking you as their love interest. Overthinking is a common characteristic of people who have low self-confidence. An example of which is someone asking them out of date, then a lot of things are going through their mind like, ”Why they would want to take me out on a date?”, ”Is this some kind of a prank?”. On top of that, low-esteemed people are the opposite of people with inflated self-confidence because the first one quickly finds fault with themselves as for the second one, they are quick to find others’ mistakes. Sadly, your low self-confidence might be pushing a good prospective relationship seeker. There is no fast solution for this due to the fact that building confidence takes a long, bumpy road. However, keep this in mind, everyone is entitled to be loved by someone.

7. You are still single because you are too independent.

You are still single because you are too independent

Two people are in a relationship, so if you feel that you are getting yourself involved without sacrificing a part of yourself, you are awfully mistaken. Regardless of your time, diet, routine, or whatsoever, you have to show flexibility if you would like a potential partner to believe they can exist side-by-side with you. And if you are just set to be on your own, maybe deep inside, having a relationship is not what you’re searching for.

A permanent remedy is created when you take a deeper look to find out the real you and those you truly want. In dealing with relationships, we do not like quick fixes, but we want a change in our roots to feel comfortable and understand ourselves. We have to deal with it and situate ourselves for the best opportunity of utmost happiness!

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