7 Signs and Symptoms That You Are in Ketosis

signs you are in ketosisWhen starting out a keto diet, it is usually difficult to tell when your body is in a keto state. This is entirely normal especially if you don’t know what to expect when starting out a low carb high-fat diet. I couldn’t get a handle on things until I consulted with an expert and did a little bit of research.

When you start out a keto diet, your body goes through a series of biological changes which includes a decrease in insulin level and an increase in the breakdown of fat. When this occurs, the liver produces large amounts of ketones in the body which supplies the brain and body with energy.

While it is often difficult to tell when the body is in ketosis, here are a few signs and symptoms that you have reached ketosis.

  1. Notice bad breath

signs you are in ketosisThis is the first thing you most certainly will notice when your body is in ketosis. A lousy breath which often gives off a fruity smell is a noticeable side effect of the keto diet. The primary cause of the bad breath is acetone which happens to be a ketone that leaves the body when you breathe and urinate. While this is entirely normal, you most certainly want to look out for ways to improve your breath by using gums and brushing your teeth several times a day.

  1. Begin to lose weight

While most people start out a keto diet to lose weight, you won’t notice any weight loss until your body is in ketosis. During the first few days of starting out a keto diet, you most certainly will see rapid weight loss which is usually as a result of water and stored carbs being used up by the body. After a week or so, you should still notice a reduction in body fat so long you stick to the keto diet.

  1. Increased ketone levels in the blood

signs you are in ketosisA keto diet is beneficial in reducing the blood sugar level and also in increasing the ketone levels in the blood. The more you consume a keto diet, the more you burn fat and ketones in the body. You also need to measure your level of ketosis by using a specially designed meter to measure the level of ketones in your blood. This meter measures your ketone level by checking the amount of BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) in your blood. Experts believe that a nutritional ketosis level should have your blood ketone levels between 0.5 – 3.0 mmol/L.

  1. Reduced food craving

While this is also a benefit of the keto diet, it is also a sign that your body is in ketosis. While there isn’t a scientific explanation for this reduction in food craving, it is believed that the increase in vegetable and protein intake should be the main reason why you don’t feel a lot hungry when on a keto diet.

  1. Increase energy and concentration

signs you are in ketosisWhen I started out on a keto diet, I first noticed that I felt a lot tired and sometimes felt sick especially in the mornings. This made me worry and seek expert help on whether to discontinue the diet. After a few more weeks on a diet, I began to notice an increase in energy and concentration which wasn’t a part of me when I wasn’t on a diet. The truth is when your body in is full ketosis, most of the brain begins to burn ketones instead of glucose which is a highly potent fuel source for the brain.

  1. Feeling of tiredness

When switching to a keto diet, it is entirely reasonable to feel tired even when you wake up in the morning. This is an indication that your body is gradually getting into ketosis. This is where most people draw the curtain on the keto diet. You need to understand that this isn’t at all a permanent situation and is only your body’s natural way of adapting to the new diet. The feeling of weakness and fatigue should subside after a few days on a diet.

  1. Loss of sleep

This is another noticeable side effect when starting out a low carb high-fat diet. The feeling of insomnia is due to the biological changes that your body is going through. Your body is used to using carbs for energy and now has to switch to fat which can keep you up at night during the first few days. But this should subside after a week or more, and with time you will begin to sleep better once your body becomes familiar with the diet.


While most of the signs and symptoms of ketosis might be scary such as that of the bad breath and insomnia, you need to understand that they are only temporary and wouldn’t be much of a problem after a week or so. It is essential that you get enough rest when starting out a keto diet, so you need to stick to a proper sleeping schedule and adopt a strict exercise regime if you want to lose weight quickly.

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