7 Tips on How to Effectively Persuade Others

Making your point count can be truly satisfying at times. Below are 7 tips on how to effectively persuade others for you to stand out.

While selling something might not be a cup of tea to many, oftentimes we find ourselves persuading someone to buy our idea. We all practice the art of persuasion in our day to day dealings that we could hardly notice. For instance, you might try to convince your spouse to start a business rather than becoming an employee, or to buy the house and lot of your dreams. It is said that children have that innate persuasive skills while us, adult, might need to learn the techniques.

Here are seven techniques that we need to know to become smart persuaders.

1. Be an Active Listener

Persuasive people are active listeners. Here are their secrets: First, they listen to know how well you understood their idea. Second, they digest why you need to object and think on how to counter them in a good way. This, they seem to understand so effectively. Third, they listen to your points in congruent with theirs so they could easily capitalize on an agreement. They do make use of their two ears and one mouth, so to speak.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

2. Stay Focused

There are just people who have the knack to convince others and they are aware on how they use it to their advantage. They know that they do not need to do much of the talking and are not very inquisitive; however, it is them who stands out when they present an idea. People are listening to them because they speak with conviction and authority without much argument and discussion.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

3. Learn to Acknowledge Authority

Persuasive people know the facts and waste no time arguing about it. They acknowledge your opinion and your authority and make sure they will give the respect due to you. This gesture makes it difficult for you to disregard their opinion as well. They do not outrightly disregard your argument to accord them equal respect to their opinion, no matter how different it may be.

How to Effectively Persuade Others


4. Have the Ability to Connect

In every area of dealing with people, being able to connect with them is the best key. Persuasive people understand this basic principle. They strike a conversation with one simple idea which they know you are of interest with to establish a connection. They then empathize with you and skillfully present their argument in such a way that you will be persuaded.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

5. Know when to Keep Silent

Good persuaders understand that garrulous people often lose the battle. They know that more talking could make the other party lose interest. What smart persuaders do is that they effectively strategize by supporting their cause and raise questions that will help close the deal and then keep silent. That would help them win the battle.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

6. Know how to Satisfy the other Party

Truly good persuaders are aware that they do need to win in each and every argument. In fact, they are also willing to give in when required, especially if it is helpful to the whole cause. They are willing to give what you desire and thus find an easy path to agree. Smart persuaders often prefer to be successful than to be right.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

7. Know When to Back Off

Most smart persuaders believe that urgency is not their best buddy. Although it could close a good deal at times, there are negotiations that require time and space. Good persuaders give you that leverage of time and space for you to weigh in on their offer because they believe that there is power in convincing yourself. When you want to persuade others of a truly pertinent matter, try to present your case and back off for a while. You might find yourself winning that great deal.

How to Effectively Persuade Others

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