7 Top Tips on How to Survive an Online Class

Recently, online classes are trending, no wonder why. Despite their busy timetables, the students can add another class, also at a lower tuition fee, attend courses in a community college or acquire online their full degrees.

Attending online classes might be incredibly desirable because of the following reasons: A chance to make their schedule (under the scope of the syllabus), work comfortably, possibly ending up ahead of time, and perhaps might be able to save some time to focus on your work, family, conventional education that you are taking, activities on campus, and social life. However, online classes are not all amusing. If there’s no proper discipline, its convenience might easily overtake by panic.

Suppose you’ll not be in control or stay aware of the online classes you are in. In that case, you might find yourself midway of the semestral period and even be delayed of 6 lessons or learned that you had overlooked the deadline for important homework.

If you are unfamiliar with how the classes online works, it is easy to sneak up towards you, and all of a sudden, your plans to move ahead or to save some money would appear more of a mistake.

However, to prevent these things from happening, there are some steps to follow, thus saving yourself from panic at 3 in the morning, recalling an online class that you have not logged on for 3 weeks!

You previously have taken the very first step of survival and have started searching for tools that would help tackle your class online, and successfully passed it. Give compliments and tell yourself that it’s achievable, and follow our 7 top tips on how to survive an online class.

1. Immediately log into your online class

How to Survive an Online Class

Being aware of what your teacher exactly expects from the start can help in creating your strategy that would work to achieve an excellent grade possible. Don’t delay and assume that nothing important is bound to happen at the beginning of the week.

2. Regularly log into your class

How to Survive an Online Class

It could be tempting to log on at the start of the semester, develop a plan, after which log in only during the days that an assignment is due. However, just like a conventional class, things might change. Something might come up with your professor that they needed to change schedule, or they might decide on midterm thinking that an additional assignment is inevitable. Regardless of the changes, if you’ll log in from time to time, you’ll not be surprised.

Either you set the alarm every day or now and then to remind yourself that you have to log in plus, adhere to schedules that you have imposed on yourself.

3. Allot a specific time of the day to attend your class

How to Survive an Online Class

Without a specified time of class, online classes manage to fit on any schedule. However, no definite time means also that it can be easily set aside if there’s something that comes up that you’d rather do.

Setting a schedule and a certain time for each of your courses will help you keep on track and join the class. Make use of Google calendar or iCal to schedule your time for coursework and be up-to-date on your deadlines.

4. Become acquainted with your professor

How to Survive an Online Class

It may be odd but usually, you have never met your online professor and be same goes for them. You are the faceless name who achieves bad or good grades.

Introducing yourself by sending them an email would provide them something else besides your name to remember when they rate your work, plus it would not hurt getting on your professors’ good side.

5. Never be afraid to seek assistance.

How to Survive an Online Class

Without a specific time of class, it may be hard to seek the right timing or approach for a complicated part of your online lesson. Thankfully, as stated before, professors are real people even though it is online, they truly wanted to provide you an assistance to achieve an excellent grade. Either you send them an email or posting a message on board provided by them is the best way to seek help.

6. Utilize technology for your advantage

How to Survive an Online Class

There are PLENTY of various study guides available over the internet as well as in apps. If you enrolled in an online computer science course, free coding lessons are available online.

In case you struggle in math, check out Khan Academy to assist you in those tricky topics.

7. Connect among other students

How to Survive an Online Class

You are not alone in your online class even though it feels the same way sometimes. Communicate with your online classmates and check if they also have difficulty with similar topics just like you. Perhaps you can build a study group in google hangout or a discussion thread which would allow you to obtain the help needed as well as assist other students over the things they are having difficulty.

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