8 Reasons to Enjoy Life Without a Car

Living a life without a car might seem inconvenient considering the time you have to spend waiting for the bus or to transfer from one terminal to the other using public transport. But thanks to the innovative ways and high tech technology that make life easier than before.

Below are the 8 reasons to enjoy life without a car.

1. Lesser expenses

Life Without a Car - Lesser expenses

Cars come with expenses. Once you bought one, expect for the monthly maintenance, repairs, monthly payments and also gas prices. Additional costs too if you are prone to having speeding or parking tickets, especially if you face accidents.

2. Improve health by walking

Life Without a Car - Improve health by walking

It is way more healthier to bike, walk, use skateboard or scooter and use other means of transport than sitting and waiting in traffic. Exercise outdoor without going to the gym and commute for your mental and physical health gain.

3. More leisure time

Life Without a Car - More leisure time

Using the bus, a carpool or a subway for public transportation means an opportunity for you to have some quiet time to pray, read, check emails, nap, surf the internet or just enjoy the beautiful view. You can’t do this while driving your own car as it requires you to concentrate while driving and to pay attention to traffic.

4. Lower risk of accidents

Life Without a Car - Lower risk of accidents

Did you know that almost 35,000 individuals in the US are killed each year due to vehicle accidents? How much more if you look for the number of those who were injured in driving accidents?

5. Delivery services are now available

Life Without a Car - Delivery services are now available

Thanks to the increasing number of services nowadays that offer free delivery for online purchases, whether medicines, groceries, food, books and even flowers. Delivery charges are cheaper than the costs of owning a car!

6. You can easily rent a car too

Life Without a Car - You can easily rent a car

At some point when you have an event where car is more safe and fun, you can rent a car from companies or have the option to chose taxis or Zipcar.

7. Existence of ridesharing

Life Without a Car - Existence of ridesharing

Enjoy the ease of booking your next ride through an online app and internet. Ridesharing is widely used nowadays and can be easily availed with just simple taps on your phone.

8. Reduce carbon footprint

Life Without a Car - Reduce carbon footprint

By not owning a car, you are protecting the environment too. As per the Union of Concerned Scientists, about 150 million American residents live in a place where air quality doesn’t really meet the federal standards. They also stated that vehicles can be the source of air pollution because of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other pollution it contributes.

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