8 Ways To get Rid Of Ants Naturally from your Home

Have you stopped using your blender because it was attacked by ants and now it’s their territory? Do you feel creepy when you enter the kitchen and see various zig-zag trails of ants all over the floor and walls? Well, not just kitchen, ants can be secretly spying anywhere in your home, ready to invade your house. It is pretty sickening and disgusting to see these bugs infesting the house. Not only they are obnoxious creatures, but also the carriers of diseases like typhoid, asthma etc. So, the first step towards eradicating ants is to identify the entry point of their army. After reaching this checkpoint, you can focus on that area and try the following methods to get rid of them. Be determined and tell them, the war is on!

8. Prohibit their entry

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

How easy would it be, only if ants could read the sign of no trespassing! Well, don’t you worry. We have our own ways. First thing is to follow them and find their nest. Second thing is to seal all their points of entry. Make sure whatever you use for the purpose of sealing should be sticky enough to cling them at a place and solid enough to obstruct their passage. Petroleum jelly or poster tack can be used as a temporary sealant and as the name suggest, they won’t last forever and will deteriorate over time, so a permanent sealant would be needed. Plaster, putty, glue and silicon caulk etc can be used as a permanent sealant. These tiny creatures can make their way through minutes holes, so don’t forget to keep an eye on sealants.

7. Practice sanitation

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

Simplest of all the methods is to keep your place spic and span and make it less attractive for ants. Follow cleanliness routine and keep ants at a bay from your place. Don’t leave the garbage in dustbin overnight. Dirty dishes should not be left in the sink for a long time. Sweep and vacuum the kitchen area daily. The spills, crumbs and leftover should be taken care of. Take extra care of sweet things, the Achilles heel of ants and try to store them in zip lock bags or airtight containers. Don’t allow moisture to accumulate in any place as ants hunt for water too. Bottles containing jam, marmalade, honey or other sugary syrups should be rinsed after use. Here is a tip, spray vinegar after cleaning kitchen in order to remove the chemical trails of scout ants and avoid their further influx.

6. Spray the soapy water

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

Cheapest of all the methods is to spray little soapy water and see them dead in a few seconds. Add one teaspoon of liquid soap or a small piece of soap in a spray bottle full of warm water and your weapon is ready. Shake it up. It is a highly effective method as it kills the ants on the spot and at the same time wash off their chemical trails too. In order to improve its potency, you can add mint oil or citrus peels too. Make sure when you spray it should be really soapy and bubbly. Spraying hot water also does wonders. You can also create soapy water barriers (load the soapy water in large dish) near the vulnerable places, so that ants drown before they attack your food.

5. Unleash the Odour

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

There are various substances used in our day to day life which have a particular scent. Generally, for humans, these scents are not obnoxious but ants have an extreme aversion to these scents. Ants can’t stand the odor of Garlic, camphor and peppermint and would not enter the area where these odors are present. This weakness of ants is being used nowadays and various products are available in the market which release mild odors and keep the ants away. Take a few crushed mint leaves or dried peppermint and spread them near the ant hills or rub garlic clove near the ant entrance and see the wonder. Bay leaves repel ants the most. Placing camphor in corners also work but it should not be used where children are present as it is poisonous. Cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, vinegar affect the ants in same way. So, use whatever is easily available and get rid of ants.

4. Kill them by deterrent food

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

Kill ants by indigestion, although it sounds lame, but it works. There are a few food products in your kitchen which if ingested by ants, kill them in a cruel manner, these food products just need to be deployed in the correct place. Wheat flour or dried rice inflate in their stomach and explode. Cornmeal causes digestive upheaval leading to death. Cornmeal is a good option as it is not poisonous and can be used around children. Sprinkle splenda and see the magic. Empty coffee grounds on ant hills as it expels their power of scented trails. When ants lose their ability to form trails, the young ones starve and die. This method takes a long time and requires patience and persistence, but leads to long-term effects. Leaving Cream of white at places, where ants visit can also help and as soon as ants engulf it, their stomach expands and kill them.

3. Draw the line

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

The most common method is to draw lines using substances which repel ants, in order to restrict their entry. Make sure that you create a thick and unbroken line like fortification around your place. The chalk has calcium carbonate which repel ants. Such chalk are also available in the market under various brand names. Turmeric is easily available, cheap and has strong repelling properties. Baby powder, paprika and red chili powder can also be used for this purpose and are very effective. One thing to keep in my mind is to redraw the broken parts of line as it will surely deteriorate in 2-3 days.

2. Attack of deadly diatomaceous earth

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

Desiccating dust such as diatomaceous earth or silica aerogel can destroy ants by dissolving their exoskeleton. Apply them on the edges of walls, in kitchen cabinets and all the places where ants are frequent. This method can take around 2-3 days to remove whole colony of ants.

1. Lure them to Borax baits

get Rid Of Ants Naturally

For borax baits, you require, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 2 teaspoons of borax, 1 teaspoon of water and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Blend them well and place it near the sites of frequent visits of ants. It is a quick method. Watch them die and have a sigh of relief. You can also use boric acid and syrup or honey and obtain same devastating results. A point to be noticed is boric acid is harmful to humans as well, so always wash your hands after using it.

Don’t let ants bug you. You and ants can’t live under the same roof, so go for the mentioned natural and easy methods in order to eliminate the “unwelcome guests”. Take the concrete steps as early as possible and stay determined towards the achievement of ant- free house.





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  • There are thousands of species of ants that pose different threats to humans. Some are just looking for the food. Some are looking to bite you, nasty little things. Ant bite can have different effect on different people. Some people might feel a little itching for a moment, on some it might last longer. Ant bite can also result in vomiting. You might not know how to get rid of ants but we do.

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