9 Incredible Benefits of a Full Body Massage

Almost 77% of Americans suffer physical symptoms because of the daily stress they encounter every day. This may be due to their failed relationships, overwhelming jobs, negativity in social media or some other personal reasons.

A full massage can remove stress. Even if its only a one hour massage, it can make your outlook pleasant. It can give a relaxing effect, change how you feel physically and can improve your mental health.

1. A full body massage boosts skin health

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Boosts skin health

An average person is shedding 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. When we are having a full body massage, the therapist’s hand movement on our skin can help facilitate shredding and getting rid of the stubborn skin little by little.

The clean and beautiful skin underneath can glow after the dead skin has been removed. And you may notice that you are glowing after the massage.

Not only that, the lotion and oil used in a massage will not only moisturize your skin but also give other benefits.


2. A full massage helps in circulation

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Helps in Circulation

The hands of the therapist during the massage can improve the flow of blood and helps in circulation.

Your muscles can be compared to the sponge when you’re washing the dishes. Rather than water and soap coming out whenever you’re squeezing them, lymphatic fluids and blood are pressed out.

These fluids contain a large amount of nutrients, cell and oxygen that can help the immune system. The human body will lap up the nutrition, giving more other benefits.


3. A full massage eases swelling and pain

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Eases swelling and pain

One of the best benefits of having a full massage is to ease any pain and swelling. The pain from stress and tension is decreased by relaxing the muscles. Keeping the circulation moving can also clear the swelling areas.


4. A full body massage boosts the immune system

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Boosts the immune system

In the lymphatic system, it’s not only the toxins that are moving, but also the fluids that carry the white blood cells and other immune system soldiers throughout our body. The immune system overall function, therefore, is improved.

Avoiding the flu and cold season? It will be a great excuse to have a body massage you have ever wanted!


5. A full body massage facilitates clearing the toxins

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Facilitates clearing the toxins

Our lymphatic system plays an important role in removing the toxins of our bodies. Nonetheless, it has no heart to continually force the movement of the lymphatic system compared to cardiovascular system.

Same thing happens when you get a full massage. When the therapist is working on the muscles, fluid is pushed to the system, detoxifying and revitalizing the body.


6. A full body massage keeps the nervous system in “rest and digest” mode

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - keeps nervous system in rest and digest mode

The sympathetic nervous system activates when responding to stress and also acts as a defense mechanism.

Even though it can save our lives from danger, it’s not recommended to be constantly in that state. It can have a negative stress effect on the body as a side effect.

The parasympathetic nervous system can be activated by having a full massage. The parasympathetic nervous system regulates essential body functions of the cardiovascular and digestive systems.

This kind of state is commonly referred to as “rest and digest”. When the human body is not busy in responding to stress, it can focus on body functions.


7. A full body massage relaxes the heart

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Relaxes the heart

Our heart is a kind of muscle that doesn’t stop, however, it doesn’t mean it can’t rest. The rest and digest state affects both our heart rate and blood pressure. Through this, the system calms and benefits the heart and everything in the cardiovascular system a time to relax.


8. A full body massage boosts digestive health

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - Boosts digestive health

Digestive health can also be boosted by full body massage. The body produces gastric juices, saliva, insulin and some other fluids for proper digestion.

There is a specific massage for the abdomen that aids in the large intestine function called Swedish massage. This helps our body receive the overall benefits from what we eat and absorb the nutrients better.


9. A full massage encourages deep breathing

Benefits of a Full Body Massage - encourages deep breathing

When you’re having a full body massage, one thing your therapist can ask you is to perform a few and deep relaxing breaths. This will fire up the process of calming our bodies and reducing stress.

You may recognize that the breathing becomes more relaxed and deeper even without focusing as your massage continues. This helps refresh the body with oxygen and promote proper circulation.

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